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Curious, Are Kaisers Still Broken or Did They Fix?

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I recall seeing a thread back then, about command skills change to humanly impossible keys combos, is this still true? if so anyway around it? I always loved kaisers.


  • EverythingSlayerEverythingSlayer
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    Not sure what you mean, but according to a ton of people, including myself, a while back (while I had temporarily quit Maple) they changed the Kaiser Dragon Link system so that you now had a 'command' button that you could assign to hotkey and use that while pressing a combination of arrow keys to use skills. Obviously you could still use skills by just assigning the skill itself to your hotkeys, but using this command button would fill up the Dragon Link gauge faster. However, somehow we aren't given the command skill to use, so filling up the gauge is considerably slower which means our average DPS is lower since we can't transform as often. Nexon said they fixed it, but it doesn't seem like it actually happened, so I can't play my level 207 Kaiser on Renegades properly and it feels bad man.

  • UrrLUrrL
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    Doesn't seem like they will fix it in a LONG time. Bug been there over a month now. Was going to burn kaiser, but given that all those bugs, it would be waste.
  • Phantomn1njaPhantomn1nja
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    It is fixed but it works a bit differently from before because it uses a command key so for example flame surge used to be right+down+attack but it's now just attack+command key. The command key is found in the beginner tab in skills and you need to hot key it. By default it is hot keyed to shift