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I did something stupid

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So I played maple story when it was released to the US and quit right after horntail. Anyways I started playing again late december 2015 on and off. I didn't do my research so I made characters and after one account was full i made more accounts to try the classes out. long story short i have multiple accounts with all the characters besides zero (i only play reboot) and explorer mages. they are all pretty much over 120. I learned about links skills and character cards late in the game. Id like to know if there is a system where i could move chars from one account to another. the answer is probably no but i might as well ask if there was a special case where they did that. I seriously dont want to remake all those chars again.


  • CatoooloooCatooolooo
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    there is no system or way for you to move your characters from other accounts to whatever your main account is.
  • MomTeresaMomTeresa
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    nope, time to choose your main account
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    You and me both, friend. I have three or four characters on another account (my first Maplestory account from when I started years ago), too that I'd love to fix up with cubes and such. I never deactivated that account because I wanted to make sure that main's name never gets taken, but I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of it and just reinventing her on Reboot.