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Disconnecting in Pink Bean Boss Fight

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Bug Type: Crash, Coding*

Brief Bug Summary: Basically, I was doing my daily boss runs for the day, and I clear everyone except for Pink Bean. A few weeks ago, I fought Normal Pink Bean for the first time after completing the Temple of Time quest chain. The first time I fought him, I killed the far left statue (first stage), then when I went to attack the second one on the far right I randomly disconnect from the game. I thought it was maybe a coincidence, until it started happening again repeatedly. Out of maybe the 8 times I tried to fight him, I only killed him once, so I guess I was lucky. Meanwhile, the other seven was as a result of this random disconnect. It seems to randomly disconnect me from the boss fight, whether I am fighting the first bird statue, or Pink Bean itself (it disconnected me when Pink Bean was at 20% health once). But most of the time, it is at stage 2 when both of the tall, far statues are exposed, but not the 2 birds, or the angel on top of the throne.

More Details: *I noticed that when I entered through the area where you need the Marble of Chaos, that I remember before it had a quote mentioning something about "crossing through the barrier." In its place, there is a line of code after I enter through the portal before I fight Pink Bean. I don't know if this exposed line of code and the random disconnecting are connected in a way, but ultimately, I am not sure.

Image for Supporting Evidence:

Steps to Reproduce: 1: Acquire the Marble of Chaos. 2. Enter the Broken Corridor. 3. Enter the Pink Bean boss fight. 4. Fight the boss and wait.

Character Name: MrJuggaI0

Level: 186

Job: Kaiser

World: Reboot

Date and Time of the Incident: Most recent is October 13th, 2016 1:23 PST, but has happened before.


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    That "exposed line of code" is untranslated text (Korean, probably).

  • MrJuggal0MrJuggal0
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    Aww. If that's the case, maybe it's just me then.
  • MeguminzzMeguminzz
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    Im having a similar issue whenever i kill the left most statue on the third stage the game crashes