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Looking for guild/friends in reboot

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Here lately I've been feeling real lonely seeing how I'm a solo player and have decided to try socializing!
Jokes aside I'm looking for a guild for my lvl 150 main. And even if you don't have a guild and you just want to hang out and lvl with me that's fine too!
More about guilds, I'm not looking for anything special just a small/medium guild that's friendly and active.
leave a comment if you're interested and ill get back to you as soon as I can.

Character: FallenMask
World: Reboot


  • lrresistiblylrresistibly
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    Hey FallenMask! If you haven't found a guild yet, feel free to hit up Sunder. We are an extremely helpful guild, and we're online throughout the day 'til night. This is a NA guild, but we do have a few members from the East. Sunder currently has 50 members, and we are steadily growing. If you're interested, apply in-game :)

    If you did find a guild already, you can also add me in-game. I can't level with you but I hope I can be of help :)

    IGN: LrresistibLy