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How's the game doing?

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Hi guys,

I've had a break from MapleStory for a while (half year or so) because of too many crashes and bugs. Was just wondering how the game is doing right now. Has it become more stable? Do you recommend playing the game again?

Thanks for reading. Hoping to hear from you guys.

- ActionCort
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  • SherriSherri
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    All I can say is to try it out for yourself. There are still crashes and bugs but it's different for everybody.

    As somebody who launches the game from Steam, the only issues I have are launching the game in general.
    Sometimes it can't connect because of an error or something but after I reset Steam, it fixes the issue.

    All I can say is to hop on and try it yourself. Hopefully there are more replies that can actually help you out and I'm sorry I can't provide much help myself.
  • PlutoPluto
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    I'm biased because i started playing a looooong time ago, but the only recent crashes i've had was due to my own stupid internet tbh. But it gets grumpy when i don't restart my pc for a while lol.