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Explorer Random Hair/Face coupon not working.

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Explorer Random Hair and Face coupon brought from new years special shop after the countdown is not working on Ilium. I used both random hair and face coupon on my Ilium it tells me which one I got but the character did not change to it. It is working on Cadena but not Ilium.


  • PizzaaPizzaa
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    The kinesis class is also affected by the same bug
  • AvarisAvaris
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    Probably has to do with specific character branches. Currently doesn't work with Kinesis, Beast Tamer and Illium characters. Cadena seems to work because she's part of the Nova branch. This isn't a new issue either, happened several years ago and we never got compensation for it.
  • NandemyrNandemyr
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  • OkhuraOkhura
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    Thanks for the reports, it has been forwarded!