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How to get gear while leveing? (Shade)

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I haven't played Maplestory in years, like 10 years ago. Just came back to play reboot. I'm currently leveling a Shade and got to 60, but I can't seem to find any gear? I read there's no trading, but I'm still getting gear for other classes. Additionally, I don't know where to find Shade class equipments from drops as there doesn't seem to be an up-to-date website about drops.

I've been using Prime Hands as my weapon since level 30 or so and don't know where to get a new weapon, or any equipment in general, without having to kill everything trying to figure out if my class's drops are there.

Do I need new equipment? Some threads are saying you don't need to worry about it until 100 or so, but I feel my damage is greatly dropping as it takes me 5+ seconds to kill anything around my level.

I'm thinking of doing quests instead of grinding as maybe some quests will give my equipment? Though it's hard to know which because there's no reward indicator.

Any help and information please? Thank you


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    Welcome back to the game. :)

    You can get free gear from Tot’s know how. You can click the left side bar to open up different events and the icon is a red hair kid. Simply accept all the quests and you will get chests with level 10-60 gear. Afterwards, you can get higher gear from killing level 70+ monsters.

    While you do not need to worry about gear till later levels, if you are starting out, you can do questlines from theme dungeons does give some good beginner equipment like Elliuel Fairy Academy, Gold Beach, Rein Strait. You will gain more exp from grinding however.