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Familiars acting up?

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I'm not sure if this is only my problem or it's a more general issue, so I thought I'd ask here before I tried to report it as a bug or something.

Today, I logged in to do some quests in Nameless Town with my main and summoned my Mr. Alli familiar. In the Monster Book, it appeared as summoned, but I didn't see it next to me when I walked and didn't see his health. When I started fighting, the familiar effect didn't appear to be working.

So, I logged out and logged in with another character (an Evan I'm training, who's in Herb Town) and I got out my Jr. Boogie familiar. Again, it appeared summoned in the Monster Book but it didn't appear to be next to me. I went to fight Mr. Allis, and, again, the effect wasn't working.

This has been happening today only, as far as I know. :o

Could it be that something's happening with MY account or characters that my familiars are not working properly? Or is there anyone else that's having this problem?

Thank you and sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. They always confuse me. ^^U


  • RexaarRexaar
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    Restart maplestory to fix this
  • TachikawaHiyokoTachikawaHiyoko
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    Thank you. I had restarted it and it didn't get fixed, but then I tried again and it worked. :P Thanks for the reply!