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12 years of the game gone

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For anyone not following I got a 1 month autoban due to a brief lag spike. I had entries in Win7's hosts file to block access to the Nexon websites but removed them TEMPORARILY as the situation has left me need to vent, but I will be adding those back in. I've compiled much of it here-


I have been banned from the r/maplestory subreddit, not that I care anymore nor will I waste time on a ban appeal with their mods as it would be pointless. I have also deleted all reddit threads and comments made on my account history(on all boards I've been to) and will likely be deleting my reddit account as I doubt I will ever use it again. Any content posted via Imgur for the subreddit has also been deleted, and I may be going back to Photobucket for basic image hosting as I no longer care for that site. After enough comments and downvotes from my initial thread I stopped paying attention to comments or PMs, as it seemed like it was going to be repeats of what they had already said. In that regard any extra threads made after were generally nothing but venting and served no purpose, but I saw them as a "nothing to lose" situation. It's not like anyone was going to really side with me or give me good news, the ban was going to be upheld and the player base had no say to start with. Plus I'm not a major name in the community, I'm not a streamer, etc, no one was going to care about some random player.

But I can really sum up why I failed to fight the ban and uninstall the game for a few reasons-

* 1 month of the event content and other content missed, probably the end of the event too, PLUS the Christmas event which I'd forgotten about!
* off rankings for an error on Nexon's part, even when the ban is lifted! I'd have to spend months fighting that with little chance of success. Meanwhile being off ranks turns the player community against you. They turn against anyone banned and label those players as hackers regardless so there's already a big stigma on me before the ban expires.
* appealing would be extra stress for no result since it would likely take as long as the ban anyway, the initial tickets were the basic " we reviewed, no unban" replies and I got the impression from searching online that further attempts would be more of the same, up to getting my ability to file tickets blocked(which for all I know have been already)
* flag on my account due to this, PLUS as a point made in the video, this could happen all over again during more lag! Another lag ban could be permanent
* Nearly $300 spent this year on NX. Any future plans to buy more are certainly not happening- as for the suggestion of "tell the GMs you were going to spend money" to get them to do anything, I really doubt that works.
* This is one of many stressful events I've had to deal with, conflicting with bad health issues. Enough stress could even make that worse or make conditions relapse, I do NOT need the extra headache, or more severe medical treatments if they do that I may not handle or survive due to how invasive they could be.

I just figure, off rankings permanently regardless of the ban ever being lifted, missing all this unique content we'll never see again, why not quit? 12 years and numerous characters with lots of invested time and items gone that I'm not getting back. Make a new account? No. I'm not rebuilding everything. Especially not with how much stuff on those characters is 100% unobtainable as I have played since pre-BB. I'm not putting that much time & effort into redoing all those characters and having them be inferior, especially not after all this. That's not factoring in the effects on my health, which are unfortunately very prone, less so the mental stuff direct and more the physical stress resulting from trying to deal with it all. I have to monitor my situations & symptoms daily.

Another satisfied customer, right? Sometimes I think the only way to get by is to stop caring about anything and make no personal emotional investments whatsoever. Can't be disappointed if you have no expectations.


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    I'm going to start this off by saying that I have not read this post. I have no intention of actually doing so. It's the same thing that you've stated across the five or six posts you made on the subreddit and then deleted when you didn't get the reactions you hoped for, so why should I waste my time? I will, however, comment on the subreddit ban. You were banned for a week, because all you've done is make post after post crying about the apparent injustice of it all.

    To be quite honest, I have no idea what you think to accomplish by posting this thread here, all you're doing is giving people more to laugh about. Because, for someone who hates the game and vows to uninstall and delete literally everything associated with it from every medium they're able to, you sure seem to talk an awful lot about how much you hate the game and how you're never coming back. You keep declaring "I'm leaving and never coming back" before walking out, only to stomp back in 45 seconds later shouting "AND ANOTHER THING!". Not only that, but you continue to point out, in every single instance, your steadfast refusal to acknowledge any replies made. So why? Why do you still bother?

    Please, do yourself, and all the rest of us, a favor and just leave for good already. And I mean actually leave this time. Don't just stand in the doorway shouting "YOU GUYS, I'M QUITTING! I'M LEAVING NOW AND I'M NEVER COMING BACK!" over and over.
  • VinsaneVinsane
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    Okay theirs the door, goodbye.
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    I'm still very confused about your actions deleting every thread you've ever made. Never in my life have I seen someone go completely dark over being banned from a game.
    Had you deleted all the maple threads I may have understood more, but you also deleted numerous threads you made in other subreddits (namely /r/transformers).

    That aside I will point out that the subreddit mods likely banned you for spamming multiple threads on the same subject (at least 4 in less than a week, as Aggraphine pointed out). While your threads on this forum have been different enough in content and far enough apart in time that they're not explicitly spam, you should be wary of this fact. This isn't a threat, just something you should be aware of.

    I should also note that I cannot find any evidence that any user explicitly has accused you of being a hacker, let alone a majority. Partially this is because you went and deleted all posts and eliminated much of the record of this subject so I can't be too sure, although I think I recall one heavily downvoted user saying something akin to "lol stop hacking", maybe?
    Many users, in fact, attempted politely to guide you through the appeal process, and later the process to deactivate your account.

    Finally, although I will admit I personally don't like the mentality, the most used method of scorched-earth policy for Reddit posts is editing first, deletion second: Reddit stores backups of deleted posts but doesn't store backups of edited posts, which is why deleted/removed comments can be recovered via certain APIs such as Removeddit (for deleted comments) and Ceddit/Snew (for moderator-removed comments).
    Since you deleted your comments without overwriting them with an edit, I'm afraid your post history is still visible via certain undelete APIs such as Removeddit. This might not be something you want to hear, but I feel you should be aware of this fact so you aren't troubled in the future.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Neospector wrote: »
    I should also note that I cannot find any evidence that any user explicitly has accused you of being a hacker, let alone a majority. Partially this is because you went and deleted all posts and eliminated much of the record of this subject so I can't be too sure, although I think I recall one heavily downvoted user saying something akin to "lol stop hacking", maybe?

    I bet he was referring to me, when I made this comment in his first thread regarding being banned:
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    For all anyone knows right now, you might've actually been hacking. You certainly wouldn't be the first person to get busted for hacking and feigning innocence. But then, that's why these things aren't handled by way of the forums anymore.