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Disable Breath of Divinity skill for phase 2 HWill


  • DrAatroxDrAatrox
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    It seems like everyone here misses the whole point of the thread. I am talking about PHASE 2 of Hard Will ONLY. It is supposed to have all healing disabled. The BoD is a rechargable shield, but I still see that as healing.

    (Yes BoD is strong against other bosses as well, but it is not like it bypasses all boss mechanics.)
    The focus is still not on BoD only, its also for familiars and potion pot. (Again phase 2 Hard Will only.)
  • JeeeepJeeeep
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    Most people already agree with BoD being an issue for phase 2 and something that should be disabled. Discussion about BoD and it's issues is still relevant to the thread rather than flooding the forums with more about the same topic.

    BoD might not bypass all boss mechanics but it certainly makes every single boss far easier. I agree also. Potion pot and familiars should be disabled for phase 2 at the very least. I think potion pot working was unintentional though. I remember it also worked in Lucid as well as other pots giving you a chance to use 2 pots rather than just 1 every c/d.
  • NovAuraNovAura
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    Ok guy let nerf bods ring... cuz it too OP... yes that true... ok let nerf lucid earring having 2 bind skill that doesn't share bind cd is really strong need to nerf that so they share the same bind time... While you at it we need to nerf outlaw heart since kms doesn't have a tradeable heart and we gotta bis outlaw heart that is tradeable meanwhile we need to nerf battle roid too cuz having prem buff freezer is OP kms doesn't have that too ... oh wait we need to nerf frenzy totem cuz kms doesn't have that too... are we suppose to follow everything to kms? this is gms man ... dont forget we got perm pendant / perm hyper rock / you name it... so what make bod any diff than the rest? other than OP skill? if so why nexon didnt do anything at all for 1-2 year? cuz they know what it does cuz they bring it here to gms they made that item legit they know what they are doing ... oh yea i forgot we also got perm safety charm... LOL that is OP guy .... ofc we cant get it anymore just like bod ring ... while your at we need to nerf sengoku badge too... cuz kms doenst have a pottable badge? why should we? it so OP it make us so much stronger.... o.0
  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    novAura, he/she said to just investigate how it works in hard will phase 2.
  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    Gear differences like outlaw, sengoku badge etc are certainly an advantage but compared to permanent godmode given by BoD are minor.
  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    yup agreed bod skill too op, nerf it and delete the duped BOD's on circulation and bring back the bod back to marvel and philo!
  • Skyfall1989Skyfall1989
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    Nexon should recycle all the BoD rings since it is not releasing to players who don't have it currently. :D