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Another starforce event

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So as some of you may have noticed, elite monsters are bugged. They don't drop items like cubic blades and protection scrolls anymore. Because of this it has become quite hard to prime scroll gear without going full pay 2 win. As a slap in the face nexon has had several starforce events since the start of this bug. My suggestion is to get another 100%, 5,10 and 15 starforce event a few weeks after they fix this bug so we can starforce the equips we could not because of it.

Ps: i'd prefer nexon actually fixing bugs like this instead of focusing on new content and leave things like this in the game for over a month.


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    I totally agree. Nexon should fix bugged elite mobs to drop protection scrolls, shied scrolls and other drops regularly as before. Then we should have proper scheduled starforce event after scrolling your items in the way you want.