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Yokai Sage error

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in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
Yokai Sage missing and/or Yokai Sage portal error

More details:
Cannot get to Yokai Sage in Shadow of Chaos quest, this problem has been posted in other forums, including, for example http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/22792/hayato-shadow-of-chaos-quest

From Mu Lung/Goblin forest 2 you cannot access the portal on the top right corner, it says: Unable to move forward due to heavy fog. Yokai Sage cannot be killed elsewhere.
(All pre-requirements are accomplished). According to other reports, this quest cannot be completed with Hayato or Kanna (please read the example forum post)

Steps to reproduce:
Mu Lung/Goblin forest 1 -portal is at the top center/Goblin forest 2 -portal is at the top right

Character name:
Character level:
Character job:
World name:
Mu Lung
Date and time of the incident:
Quebec, Canada, EST time zone 18:15

I hope the problem gets fixed :):):)


  • Tinaneko24Tinaneko24
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    I have the same problem too.
    I finally came back to playing maplestory after years of being haitus and decided to play Kanna.

    I went to the Basilmarket to find where is the Youkai Sage is at: http://www.basilmarket.com/Shadow-of-Chaos-Quest-Thread-b3nX7-1
    and came to the same error: "Unable to move forward due to heavy fog"

    I checked the forums here and based on everyone's post, it's still hasn't been fixed yet.
    I hope this gets fixed soon. I enjoyed the storyline and would like to continue on with her quests. :)

    Character Name: etheriel25
    Character job: Kanna
    Character level: 150
    Server: Windia
  • BasuraBasura
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    Same bug here. How sad it's been so long and still not fixed. 407dd11bd3075628e07bb151a4afe1e7.png
    I wouldn't mind but quest remains on maple guide as recommended quest forever and it's annoying.

    Character Name: Tasumin
    Character job: Kanna
    Character level: 230
    Server: Demethos
  • LeevOrDieLeevOrDie
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    Same problem. Can't complete this quest.

    Character Name: Leemyn
    Character Job: Hayato
    Character level: 148
    Server: Luna
  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited January 2019
    Thank you for reporting this issue. It has been forwarded.