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Mining Veins at Malaysia

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Can you get permabanned for that? Due the botters.


  • CocoDriloCocoDrilo
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    I dont see why would you get banned for mining veins anywhere, i used to know some people that farmed those and never got banned anywhere ...
  • OlandeseOlandese
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    Maybe GM's mistake you for a botter,
    It's crowed up there with botters.
    I heard story's of legitimate people getting banned up there, not sure if it's true tho.
  • supermikysupermiky
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    Malaysia? Is that a map in Maplestory 1? I read it as a map in the real world...

    What's going on, exactly, there?
  • scholar624scholar624
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    You shouldn't be permabanned for mining as long as you do not directly benefit from botted activities on that map (eg. looting an elite boss they spawned, or farming mesos dropped from slain monsters).

    That being said, if you are still uncomfortable; the safest solution would be to avoid the map altogether. If you are looking for mining veins, a few other areas you might want to explore are Tyraneum's Labyrinth, Leafre, or Kritias.