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april fool nx cash shop description OR equip error

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Bug type: Cash shop, functionality

Brief bug summary: New april fools box weapon cover descriptions are either incorrect OR are not equipping over a staff when it is listed in the description.

More details: The 2 I have unboxed and won't equipped over a staff are 'Knockout Boxing Gloves' (pretty sure this should be claw only, and maybe knuckle) and Japanese War Fan.

(anything not included in the other sections of your report)

Steps to reproduce: Try to equip over staff / bugtest equipping over all weap types

(if not covered in the summary)

Character name: Noel

Character level: 234

Character job: Magician, ice lightning

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: March27/2019, 4:50PM CST

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    Thank you. Brought this up.

    For the record, it is because this item came from Star Planet and was not updated to function like other Style Box items. Same issue with Kemdi Hat, and potentially Lucky Lucky Hat if put into future rotations.