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Beast Tamers crashing often

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Bug type: functionality

Brief bug summary: Beast tamers will disconnect after doing anything for more than a few minutes

More details:

I was browsing reddit and discovered https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/c0p635/beast_tamer_experiencing_excessive_disconnections/

as a beast tamer main i had to test this for myself ( i had not done anything recently since patch) and it turns out this might just be true. i first tried to do normal cygnus, to try and register shinsoo in the monster book, but in just a few minutes i disconnected. Then, to test this bug, i started training in cavern lower path, and in just a few minutes i disconnected for no reason.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Have a beast tamer class
2. go train, or do bossing (something that takes a few minutes)
3. see if you randomly disconnect

Character name: KingFurry

Character level: 230

Character job: beast tamer

World name: Bera

Date and time of the incident: after the patch, 6/15/2019 1:20 am EDT


  • BeefBeef
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    I also did normal BT routine to test. I tested at Mutant Pigs and set the fire, pop Calvary and dced twice. I also did it on lower level BT that doesn't have 5th job and didn't dc.
  • LycalenaLycalena
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    I also sent a ticket on that. level 176, I tried every stance. Bear crashes the fastest whenever you use the fire trumpet and the hammers,crashes In about 10-30 seconds. Cat, leopard and hawk do not crash as often but indeed do, crashes in about 5 minutes. Not using any skills and just walking around does not crash for me. This is only on beast tamer, and I can play for hours without crashing on other characters.
  • RaindropsRaindrops
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    Can confirm. As a Beast Tamer main this has been so frustrating I can't even finish dailies + cap coins. Literally disconnecting under just a few minutes. I've sent to support along with couples of videos and they responded they will be looking into it so hopefully it gets fixed soon. Shame that we'll be missing out 3x and 2x events.
  • OkhuraOkhura
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    Thanks, it's been forwarded.
  • DracolovDracolov
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    I recently made a Beast Tamer on Reboot and I notice the game has been disconnecting me when I train using Hawk skills, so I've been using the Leopard Mode. Edit: Just saw this thread is kind of old but seems to still have the disconnection issue, for me at least.
  • denzudenzu
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    I created a beast tamer today on reboot and it still crashes all the time when training and some times just random
  • AllowedAllowed
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    I don't have any crash issues with Beast Tamer tho.

    The only issue i have with Beast Tamer is the sometime bugged skill window.