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Beast Tamer skill window

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The skill window for Beast Tamer does not disappear after a new skill is unlocked in any tab (beginner, bear, snow leopard, hawk, kitty).
When a new skill is unlocked, you open the skills window to see the new skill that is unlocked. There is a yellow translucent box around it to highlight the new skill.
Regardless whether you place the skill, or close the window, the ability to operate within the window goes away, but the window does not.

This bug has been present with BT for as long as I can remember. Not sure if this is Broa-specific, or server-wide.

I have submitted a ticket already, but figured I would say something here as well.


  • KingofFurriesKingofFurries
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    This bug is not broa specific, it happens in all worlds.

    While we're on the topic of the beast tamer skill window, i might as well report this p0Wcfb9.png
    it's a pretty useless bug so i didn't mention it, but its bugged u can see on the bottom left the skill gets cut off i can't scroll down to fully see it.