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crimsonwood badge exchange glitch [reboot]

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I believe there's a bug involing the badge exchange process at crimsonwood (Joko)
I am doing the NLC quest for crafting crystal ilbi and balance fury.
I have finished all prequest and am able to talk with Joko for badge exchange.
But Joko keeps saying "Oh.. please check your inventory". I have 32 emply slots in each of my bag category. (I checked either equip/use/etc/setup/cash)
I tried another character with nearly emply slots, the glitch is still there. I am just not able to exchange anything by any means.
When I post my probelm on Youtube, several guys commented saying they have the same issue.

Nexon please help~
I cant wait to get my new throwing star.



  • AKradianAKradian
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    Thank you for reporting this. It has been forwarded.
  • UsersUsers
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    Also reporting in having the same issue, just finished the whole quest chain .. bag is empty as well but not recieving anything after trying to turn in the badges
  • nguyendenguyende
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    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with this problem. I completed the whole quest line years ago and just tried to do the badge exchange again today - I am experiencing this exact same problem on El Nido. I hope it gets fixed soon!
  • ResetPICResetPIC
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    The bug is still active.

  • AIlyAIly
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    Currently having this glitch only on my Kaiser in Reboot. Can't exchange any badges