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[EVENT] Immortal Gorgons overall reward

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Bug type: Gameplay/Event
Brief bug summary:
Unable to claim Immortal Gorgons overall reward

More details:
I was unable to claim my overall reward for Immortal Gorgons, even though I met the requirements (played for at least 30 mins in week 4, and a record of at least 40%)
When attempting to claim my reward through the quest notifier, I got a message like "You do not have a record in Immortal Gorgons" (forgot the actual message and didn't screenshot it, as I thought I had attempted to claim it on the wrong character)
I had a record of I believe around 162000 points, which was top 9%.
I did claim my week 4 rewards before the patch, so I know I was eligible for the overall reward.

Steps to reproduce:
Have a record in Immortal Gorgons and play at least 30 minutes during week 4
Attempt to claim overall reward after the patch

(I can't remember the character I had the record on, so I will list both characters I played on)
Character name: BlessedArcan / ArcaneCombo

Character level: 225 / 235

Character job: Bishop / Aran

World name: Aurora (previously Nova)

Date and time of the incident: August 30, can't remember the time (I asked my friends and alliance members before posting here)


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Have you encountered anyone else in a similar situation as yourself? If not, ask around a bit. I'd be willing to bet the server merges broke this somehow.
  • IMMOrtal975IMMOrtal975
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    I encountered the same issue. Made a ticket about it and waiting for customer support to deal with it.
  • DeathStarDeathStar
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    didn't get mine as well and i was top 5%
    pretty sure it's bugged more in merged servers

    edit: got my rewards after the maintenance today
  • ArcaneSwingArcaneSwing
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    Issue was fixed with the maintenance today, this post can be closed.