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Cash Shop: Unable to purch 10K Maple Point Coupon

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Only have NX Credit but when I try to purchase the 10K Maple Point coupon it says "You should only choose one of the 3 options" and doesn't let me click any of the options. In addition, if I try to purchase it by adding it to my cart then it says "Due to an unknown error, the request for Cash Shop has failed." along with "Purchase Result: unable to purchase 10k maple point coupon". This has been a problem since last week and thought I would finally submit a bug report to get this fixed! The only thing I wanted from the cash shop is the 10k maple point coupon and that one is the only one they're not letting me select any options to pay for. Under the options to pay, it says "buy NX Credit" although I already have over 11K NX Credit so maybe the system is not registering that I have points? But either way I cannot even click on any options. Thank you.


  • AKradianAKradian
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    Maple Point coupons can only be purchased with NX Prepaid.
  • PolliestherPolliesther
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    dang.. where can I buy them online? Now I bought NX Credit for no reason :-(
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    I believe Karma Koin cards redeem into prepaid. You can buy them online, though I'm not sure what the official opinion on that is, or you can get them at almost every conceivable store. If a store stocks gift cards(and not just ones to itself), it's a fairly good bet they'll have these cards as well. You'll have to check their "where to buy" page to see if you live within their areas of availability.