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T-1337 Exchange Quests (New Leaf City)

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in Bug Reporting
Bug Type: NPC, functionality

Brief Bug Summary: T-1337 is supposed to give the person a random USE item from a list of 7 items (electrojuice, blastrojuice, nitrojuice, vitrojuice, megajuice, gigajuice, and jigajuice) after turning in a Diferium or Triferium Fuel Cell, 50 Boomer Cores, 1 Jumper Cable, 1 Sparkplug, and 1 T-1 Socket Adapter but when I try to interact with T-1337 it gives me "T-1337 is currently deactivated." even though I have all the materials needed to craft these items in my inventory.

Character Name: Shunraiki
Character Level: 252
Character Job: Battle Mage
World Name: Windia

Date and time of the incident: 08/26/2019, 5:30 PM PT


  • AxureAxure
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    Have encounted the same issue on EU Reboot on 9th of September.

    Hope this will be fixed in an upcoming patch
  • KingofFurriesKingofFurries
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    edited September 23
    i have this same issue as well

  • PirateIzzyPirateIzzy
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    edited September 27
    They disabled this a while ago, I think in the Masteria Through Time update. Now you have to do Professor Foxwit's quests instead.