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Blocked by Maple Police for HACKING

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I have not seen this for a long time, Blocked by Maple Police for HACKING

Bug type: Kicked out of game for just playing

Brief bug summary: While battling Horntail. I activated a x2 EXP and a Lucky Winter x2 Drop. Then after a minute or so the Maple Admin popup came on and kicked me out of the game for hacking.

Steps to reproduce:I signed back in went back to Horntail, activated x2 EXP and a Lucky Winter and it happened again, kicked out.

Character name: Vorpalkid

Character level: 211

Character job: Hero

World name: Scania

Date and time of the incident: Dec 3 apx 12:15an pst

Getting kicked out and having to sign back in is not the bad thing but to loose 2 sets of buffs that hurts. Is this happening to anyone else?


  • LilithWalkerLilithWalker
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    is a bug happening for your gear+rage, check your gear for a line of potential that says "x% to ignore % of damage" if you have a reflect skill like rage plus a line of potential like that, it will happen a lot =/, I think this bug has like 1 year and they don't even say a single thing about it.
  • KingStarfireKingStarfire
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    it can also be caused be extreme lag, the game lags and if you move a lot when the game updates it see you in a new location and thinks you are using a teleporting hack
  • HeroDjinnHeroDjinn
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    its happened to me too as of late, im also a Hero in bera, on a few bosses, to be honest its kinda annoying, whats teh best thing to do about it though?
  • JostabeereJostabeere
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    Happened to me. Is this just a kick, or can this have some serious impact, like an actual ban?
    The only reason I could have for it is my bad internet in our appartment. 10mbit/s shared across 3 people who play/talk together. Also play on NA server from Germany.
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