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  • adgn
    Hi, could you check your PM? I posted here last time but it disappeared. The forum seems to be very glitchy for me.
    Thank you
    January 23
  • ScarlettLove

    I've been wondering when will you guys post the results for the MapleStory V: Food ExtraVaganza contest. I thought the announcement for the winners would be posted shortly after the competition is over. Is there a set date for when you guys will post the results? Please reply when you can. Thank you.
    January 12
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    December 2016
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    December 2016
  • LagTooMuch

    I just noticed that I got warned for using bad word? I am aware of the forum rules.
    ,and I assumed I got warned becuase of the last discussion I posted a few weeks ago? I didn't even say s word compelty just three letters, so technically I didn't violate the rules. and I see a lot of people using foul languages but they still havent gotten warned? Can you please explain why im the only one getting wanred?
    December 2016
    • LagTooMuch
      oh its still consired a bad word even if you didn't say the complete word. I acknowledge that.
      still, can you please explain why im the only one getting wanred? and why you guys so picky about everything we say ever since the KTBN got fired? you guys used to be so cool but now, I dont know man.
  • NEINheart
  • Skyfall1989
    My account has the issue 1 problem, and l have been waiting for one day already, and now it seems l have to wait for another day?
    December 2016
  • Cris
    Hello i would like to inform you about something currently wrong with Root of Abyss after you die inside Root of abyss when pressing Respawn you are teleported to a different map called spinel's forest hope this helps :D
    December 2016
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    December 2016
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    November 2016