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February 6, 1993
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  • Prizkilla
    HI bae.
    January 4
  • Sherri
    Hello! Thank you for everything you have done for us. There is no words saying how much we will miss you. Thank you for all you have done for MapleStory!
    December 2016
  • Aggraphine
    bles ur soul
    herc was on a roll
    December 2016
  • KeepComingBack
    You'll be sorely missed. Whoever's next will have some pretty big shoes to fill.
    December 2016
  • Cactrot
    Appreciated everything you tried to do for us.
    December 2016
  • Satsuki
    The best community manager gone, huh?
    Nexon why you do this :(
    December 2016
  • BIackbean
    What, where are you going :O! You worked hard and finally made the maple community active again and helped with a lot of our concerns. Most importantly, guild chat is finally fixed!
    December 2016
  • innate
    i have a problem, every time that i start the game and select the region my game strucks and close.
    i cant pass this part, i tryied everything and nothing works, still waiting for some nexon support answert but still nothing!!!
    December 2016
  • xparasite9
    Hey I was digging around in the patch notes and I noticed a couple of disappointing things regarding our upcoming holiday events.
    Namely, the Ice Chair that used to be part of the Santa Rewards (I believe they had cost 2000 Rascal Snowpieces) is no longer in the list. The rewards list is already dismally underwhelming with a severe lack of useful or fun items. There's not much to attract players into participating in that little event. Please help reinstate this long-standing tradition to its full former glory. Do everything you can to beg the devs to put the chair back into the rewards list as it used to be years ago!

    Secondly, I'm not seeing the Hanukkah (or as it was called in-game, "Festival of Lights") event listed. In it, players would hunt dark axe stumps for candle-pieces to help the Temple Priestess, and they would receive Gelt Chocolate. Make sure this event is put back into the game if it got taken out, or put into the patch notes
    December 2016
  • RoxVision
    The 5 minutes ago, a message appeared saying that I was being logged off by hacking, I did not use hack ... I'm starting to play now and I do not want to lose my char RoxVision (in Bera). Should I worry about the message? Please do not use anything hack, do not want to be harmed and do not want to lose my luminous. Since thanks
    December 2016