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Fuck tornadoes.


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The darker the sunglasses, the longer you can stare.
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I don't have much to say...People scare me. I'd rather not exist. My cat throws up a lot. I'm incredibly stupid. Sometimes I want to tear off my skin. Also, I play MapleStory.


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    September 2017
  • Tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding. Perfect weather for a picnic.
    August 2017
  • MapleStory is kinda depressing.
    August 2017
  • I like a lot of things, but I don't like everything.
    August 2017
  • When I try to make friends, I end up failing.
    July 2017
    • Kaisui
      I get that feeling :( though after reaching out awhile you'll know who your real friends are. Reconnect with people from old games, old schools.
  • I hate not knowing what to say. ;_; I just want to say the right things...
    June 2017
  • "If a flower wants to avoid being picked so much it decides to grow in lava, I say we leave it be. Its resilience should be rewarded!" -blahblahxv2
    June 2017
  • MaplerOver9000 completed the Little Light of Hope assignment.
    Among the chaos and confusion are flickering candles in the dark. Dancing in a peculiar way. Burning into the eyes of madness... As though they serve some greater purpose.
    June 2017
    • MaplerOver9000
      This is nice. I still cherish the memories from this event.
  • Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades. 100 spades to be exact.
    March 2017
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    March 2017
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    December 2016
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    October 2016
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    September 2016
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    September 2016
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    September 2016
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    September 2016