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  • Same issue - illegal something flashed on screen (reboot 200 xenon) as I entered Vengeful Nyen fight and then all my attacks registered as Miss so I finally gave up - when I left portal it bounced me out to the choose world screen. Kind of a waste …
    in Nyen's Revenge Comment by DMH February 8
  • I came looking because I want to do Nett's Pyramid for step up event - all my chars get stuck at that point. I would not mind random matching or something but the party search doesn't work and I don't know how to get past this.
  • I just got a ton of pink bean party transformation potions from the new giftboxes that drop from mobs (on my xenon so useless) - but that might work
  • The day after I posted here I got one more set of tools (so I thought it was fixed) - no back tools even though I logged in every day. Checked today after reset and I ddin't get the tools again - so even though I have logged in every day - gotten a…
  • Same Problem. I got the tools the first day and I looked for the claim your tools every day since then but figured I misread the original instructions. Then I was talking to my son today - he has been getting the tools every day. I asked him to s…
  • Same - I keep quitting leveling Beast Tamer and coming back. I do see the drake leaving pouches. Now, when I pick them up they do say I picked them up on the lower righthand corner of the screen but they don't show up in my invent under any tab an…
    in Beast Tamer Comment by DMH February 2017
  • Same here - the servers show up but can't select any of them. It doesn't say I am online and I log in through Steam which lets me get to the select a world/channel page (the channels do show up) - just can't select them.