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  • I think I ended up tossing modules back when I first got them, because I didn't know what they were. Now I find out what they are used for, but like you said, there's no other way to obtain them other than completing achievements Nexon, add ascen…
  • MaplerOver9000 wrote: » forumsareannoying wrote: » Pangus wrote: » Just so you know, you're being reported for impersonating someone in-game. Good day to you sir! What? I'm confused, who's being reported? I think it's the OP. They both …
  • Just so you know, you're being reported for impersonating someone in-game. Good day to you sir!
  • I do hope an adequate compensation is rewarded for this issue, instead of something like 500 spell traces or 1 hour 2x coupons. Some of these players have been locked out of their main characters since December, and they are far behind in terms of 5…
  • Ign: MisterPANG Level: 250 Job: Xenon World: Scania Date/Time stuck: January 5th, around 12:10 PM PST Possible Reason: I disconnected while farming nodestones at Lachelein. After that, I was unable to login to my main character. Just few minutes bef…
  • Aside from Tower of Oz, I prefer simple mini map mode over the normal map mode. Sometimes the normal map looks "too advanced" and cluttered that I choose the mini map over normal mode, since mini map only shows necessary stuff like platforms, ropes,…
  • Is there a way to get an attention from CM Michael or any other GMs? Maybe like @ them or something. I don't know how often they check the suggestion forum, but I feel like this will go unnoticed for awhile...
  • I would rather they permanently remove that stupid "strange alien" from the game... or at least make it so that its horribly annoying audio can only be heard by the pet owner. I know what you mean! At least they're not that common.
  • I can't imagine having three of these guys out! I have one that I purchased just recently when they came out and I almost swapped her out for an old pet because the chatting was so much. I wouldn't mind them talking a little but "I know this place!"…