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  • You cannot apply skills to Esel because it is an event pet that cannot be revived. Contact Customer Support for a refund, since none of this information is given either in-game (the pet's description or the skills' descriptions) or on the website (…
  • DFDFD wrote: » Saw what? It just started a new countdown. You might need to refresh the page a few times. Then you will see that the first frame (where the teaser video used to be) now has Cygnus missions, and between the frames and the countd…
  • If it doesn't say so in the event description, there is no reason to think it will happen.
  • I think you are talking about Maplestory 2? If so, please use their forums: http://forums.maplestory2.nexon.net
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » My guess is, if they disclose how low a probability for an item you're after, those after the item won't be motivated to keep buying the boxes or spins, due to the low probability. But I would like to see the intended pro…
  • You will need to contact Nexon Customer Support, at http://support-maplestory.nexon.net You might need to create a new account so you can create a ticket and talk to Live Chat support. That's ok. Just tell them you're trying to recover your old a…
  • That's quite the odd message. Did you receive any messages about a new or suspicious login in your gmail?
  • "This video is unavailable" so I cannot see where the problem is. Please make sure that you are following the instructions, as given in the
  • It is definitely intended. We had one DMT where it was not possible to cube sealed items, much to everyone's surprise, and Nexon reverted that change and re-ran DMT a week later. As for what the desirable functionality is - personally I think we…
  • This issue is supposed to have been resolved. If you are still unable to log in to the Nexon Launcher using your Google account, please contact
  • Could your guild mate have finished the cutscene first, entered the heart and looted it, already?
  • As someone whose inventory is perpetually clogged with untradables, I made the suggestion before: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/14037/the-attic/p1 And that thread is a recap of a thread on the old forums... so it's been years, and …
  • Where did you get the Typhon Feathers?
  • Yes, it seems that Friday's unscheduled maintenance's attempt to fix minor text formatting issues (mainly superfluous "\r" and "\n") has made things considerably worse. Nexon has been informed.
  • teatea wrote: » I wish this was never implemented. But then again, I guess it's a blessing in disguise now Nexon is forcing me to move on, I lost access to the account that I purchased the legendary ms2 package and all the work and nx that I put …
  • It seems too specific a behavior to be accidental, but I will ask Nexon for clarification.
  • I think the Fairy Bros MVP bonus, while small, is particularly obnoxious in that it's displayed very prominently on the Fairy Bros UI. Every single time you open it to claim your gift or check what the day's gift is, you see those little medals pro…
  • Ganondorf69 wrote: » Not only this. So you're telling us we have to make and fund a new kanna. AND REPURCHASE PETS? How is that going to work. Most stupid decision nexon has ever made. You don't need to repurchase pets, since all your Kannas s…
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  • I am not aware of an OX quiz event going on in GMS right now. Are you sure you're in the right forums?