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  • Chu Chu PQ can be solo'ed. But at your level and AF, you'll probably only be able to solo the Normal mode, and might not even do that fast enough for a good number of symbols. So, I recommend joining a guild.
  • lodwyvern wrote: » Please continue to remind them OK
  • Please make a Customer Support Request (ticket) at http://support-maplestory.nexon.net to ask them to move your character to another map. If it doesn't happen in a few hours, you can talk to Live Chat Support (same website) and tell them your tic…
  • What happens when you try?
  • I agree that characters who lost their original style (due to carelessness or due to being older than the salon) should have the ability to get that style again. However, I do not agree with making class default styles available to everyone. If …
  • Do you have space in your inventory?
  • Ignore Def is not additive, but multiplicative. This means that the 30% ignore def the title gives, only applies to the 20% of enemy defense you were not already ignoring. (You have 80% ignore def without the title, right?).
  • This and other issues with the new ranking page leads me to believe it is still a work in progress. However, I will make sure to ask Nexon whether that is the case.
  • Maplehood Watch and Special Beauty Coupon give pretty good free hair & eye options. Maplehood Watch also gives free cash equipment covers. In non-Reboot worlds, you can buy Maple Points in the Meso Market, and use those to buy any cosmetics yo…
  • Yonax wrote: » I have a bigger problem that this event is excluding such a large portion of the playerbase. First off anyone who has 42 chars, won't be able to participate. This are the most dedicated players you have which you are neglecting by t…
  • RonTheJew wrote: » Catooolooo wrote: » Next one should be around the Ark update Oh and when is that going to happen because I just came back to maple and I am not well informed Here's a tip: If you're back and not well informed, it'd be a…
    in Burning Event Comment by AKradian May 23
  • @QuixoticKnight, could you please check whether the Scarlet Ring has decided to attach itself to some other set you are wearing? Boss Accessory set, for example? Or Blackgate?
    in scarlet ring Comment by AKradian May 22
  • Since it is now summer, the UK is on GMT+1, not GMT. 6 PM UTC will be when it is 7PM by your clock.
  • Cash Shop codes cannot be redeemed in Reboot because Marvel Machine is full of p2w items that should never be allowed in Reboot. And Marvel is not going to change. Nexon should have been aware of this, and should have sent the "leveling pack" re…
  • Thank you. That does indeed look like a bug. I will forward it.
    in scarlet ring Comment by AKradian May 20
  • It should work with superior pendant, belt, and earrings. Please show a screenshot of the tooltip of your pendant to show that only 3-item set effect is active?
    in scarlet ring Comment by AKradian May 20
  • You get skill books from the potion shop in Henesys or Leafre, or from the NPC Illiad in Leafre.
  • Catooolooo wrote: » QcSandOfTime wrote: » zero will be available soon for creation I don't remember the exact date there is no exact date but it should be made available during Ark in June http://maplestory.nexon.net/news//30735/#zero