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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.


  • HHG1 wrote: » While we're at it add a discount for broke college kids, single moms and dads, mentally or physically disabled people, recovering addicts and abuse victims, and so on. And only U.S. based people in need, of course. Real answer th…
  • Sonnen wrote: » I've never played MS before and I'm curious to give it a try. Would anyone say it's worth it? How's the player population?? Give it a try, its not a bad game. I've had fun with the years I've played. Population is not that good …
  • To add to Rexaar get the Solid, Reinforced and Superior Gollux rings as they are considered the best in the game, the Gollux set effects are some of the strongest in the game. If you don't mind the slightly tedious quest you can do the Hiezan Temple…
    in Help Comment by HuskyDM October 2019
  • Bumping this up because its annoying
  • I don't know about the second bit because I barely play with a party. For the first bit though, you have a room before the boss where you can fully prepare and buff before going in, making the first hit reach unnecessary. It works in FFXIV becaus…
  • I agree with this idea, for some reason drop gets ignored often.
  • Whorific wrote: » I didn't say it's bad design because it's hard. I said it's bad design because it places artificial limitations on character progression. These limitations doesn't make the game any more interesting to play. You're still doing th…
  • Whorific wrote: » That's a fair point but there's more than one way to balance a game. You don't have to make everything the same. I love not having to worry about scrolls, but I do still have to acknowledge that Reboot's damage ceiling is signifi…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » What exactly is happening with it? I've missed/been ignoring most of that part of the current events so I'm kind of lost actually You have to hold an item for 30 mins and turn it in, 4 times a day, plus get the blessing to h…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » I'm just gonna ask this to get it out of the way. You know the stats are temporary, right? Some people just want the medal and its as simple as reducing Cloudie's requirement from 10 to 5.
  • Hastaga wrote: » I don't need to repeat myself, you still have a chance to obtain the boomed item. In Reboot you are doomed. I myself have not attempted to go past 12 stars on my superior. One of the main reasons why is because I have no back up p…
  • Nice. Actually its funny that its KMS implementing a non-KMS creation. Maybe there's still hope.
  • It seems as if Formation Attack got roll back to its pre-Pathfinder state, again. Gotta check if it still disconnects and if the attack got its dmg nerfed. Update: Doesn't disconnect and damage is the same. However it doesn't behaves as smoothly …
  • AKradian wrote: » HuskyDM wrote: » I don't think its a bug. You use Genesis and then spam Big Bang. Genesis has a cooldown of 45 seconds and since you say its been that way since 7 years ago then its not an issue, its the skill working properly.…
  • I don't think its a bug. You use Genesis and then spam Big Bang. Genesis has a cooldown of 45 seconds and since you say its been that way since 7 years ago then its not an issue, its the skill working properly.
  • Jostabeere wrote: » Well. Isn't it like... All classes have their 4th and 5th jobs skills being superior to anything prior to this? So every class relies on like... I dunno... 4-5 active skills? I'm genuinely curious if there's a class which has …
  • Hastaga wrote: » YES Reboot needs it more, and it's easier to fix, because there is no economy that bots/exploiters can abuse, that regular servers have. YES regular servers also need a Gollux restock, but there is a risk that would effect the eco…
  • What a surprise, doing bad in a region where MMOs aren't popular while neglecting to fix it. Who's fault it is though? Is it GMS just being negligent or is it our Korean overlords not allowing fixes to go through?
  • And not only Gollux items, most items in the coin shop are stock limited, makes it hard to get rid of Gollux Pennies.
  • They really should increase the budget here, the game kinda needs it. This makes me wonder how do the other non-Korean Maplestory services are doing, and if they are in such a dire situation.