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July 8, 1997
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Everything stays right where you left it. Everything stays, but it still changes. Ever so slightly, daily and nightly, in little ways, when everything stays.
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They/Them/Their. Webcomic artist who also enjoys shaving away hours on an adorable MMO.


  • ok, next course of questions... HeinekenHero wrote: » get atleast 500k range. which takes couple days of meso farming and some carries. What's a carry? question 2: tips on improving range, and recommended equips? By range, I assume y'all mean th…
  • :T that stinks. i forgot to add the lack of hp bars on monsters, including most regular bosses, how when the ears twitch sometimes the other frames just... don't go away.... lack of notification for inferno den, bounty portals, or runes... Beast Ta…
  • I remember some Christmas events from yeeears ago involving fighting a giant growing snowman with everyone in town and also decorating Christmas trees with friends… I don't know what the Christmas events are like now though, haha. Haven't been aroun…
  • Alright, as promised: @scholar624 @QuickDrawer @Sayjinx @Colosus @bumbertyr @MageofBattles Its hard to pick a fav between Francis and Mangeric Bustaru, imo
  • Oh boy, I always love this story... My first IGN waaaay back in the day (12 years ago!!) when I first joined MS was 'Archanpuyo'. Archan was a name I shamelessly stole from the game 'Puyo Puyo~n', and the franchise name may seem familiar to N Sw…
  • AKradian wrote: » Tip: take the Cash Shop hotkey off your keyboard. I took the hotkey off the keyboard. Opening the Cash Shop usually happens when I go to click the Event list but end up hitting Cash Shop instead. When you say that "the game …
  • Mm. Thanks for your inputs. Honestly, I like it better this way, I think. I was more curious if there was a way to make a tier list, if someone managed an accurate one, and if people actually abide by it, but I'm happy to know that in the end it'…
  • Can confirm that any form of bowman is the worst thing to be when confronted with the whole 'normal attacks only' thing. If FB walks away just slightly from you and you shoot another monster, then you have to focus on killing that guy rather than FB…
  • Yes, I don't understand why this is a thing at all. I'm in full support of this being removed because I don't even see reducing the rate of decay as beneficial either.
  • I'm pretty happy with the attention and feedback this thread has gotten. I was actually afraid to post this last night out of fear that people would call me 'too sensitive' or something but golly, I'm glad that the community has grown a lot more mat…
  • Oh my. I didn't expect this thread to start any real discussion. On one hand, it's comforting knowing that this happens to other players and that they also find it uncomfortable... ...but also it sucks that there's no real effective way to stop …
  • Ah, Broa is lagging a lot, too, actually. Or it may just me be, I don't know. It wasn't this bad a couple of weeks ago... I only get about 10 minutes of play in at a time and then it goes kaput.