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If you ever get knocked down, pick yourself up and move along in life.
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Ultimate Adventurer Bowmaster in GRAZED.


  • Guess Roni, you're wanting more mesos for cubes so you can cube more. I'll let you know It's an expensive service in regular servers. Just play the game normally and progress through it... Reboot is supposed to be more effort after all sinc…
  • DFDFD wrote: » KushyDragon wrote: » Jett because you'll hate it without burning. Not true at all, Jett is one of the easiest to level to 150. I've played other jobs which made it to level 150 easily. I like many others used the spammabl…
  • Jett because you'll hate it without burning.
  • Sadly, MapleStory 2 has pvp and battle royale. MapleStory 1 should have kept the pvp system in place, or at least made an attempt to balance it every time new classes and skills came out.
  • MisterPENGUIN wrote: » TerrorStreak wrote: » To answer the two above: I never once said I was a whale lol I said I expect money I do spend on this game to go VERY FAR. I earn my money working on the rail way which is a living hell upon this e…
  • Some of us like the 1366x768 ratio. I have a 21:9 aspect ratio monitor, and even I like the smaller resolution. I can look at my stream, and my chat on the same screen instead of using 3+ monitors like I'm some form of security guard.
  • LOL! This makes me wanna play Smash in December more. xD
  • xXAkatsukiXx wrote: » This has probably already been suggested, but Nexon should condense all the servers and keep like 5 of them. Obviously, keep the most populated ones: Reboot, Bera, Scania, Windia, and one other. This way, we can have more cha…
  • Its2Sharp4U wrote: » KushyDragon wrote: » Also this won't affect reboot at all either. I disagree. The changes made with Improving Reward Points listed by PhantomMasterThief would allow Reboot players to afford cosmetics by simply doing bosse…
  • PhantomMasterThief wrote: » Improving Reward Points: Make reward points function excatly the same as they do in : KMS/JMS/CMS/TMS/ThaiMS/MSEA In those regions you are able to buy some cash shop items with full reward points price ( 100% Rewa…
  • ftfy wrote: » smd kid, and ill ban you for accepting bots Go ahead, try me. I'm one of the most outspoken people when it comes to going against botting, buying pre-scrolled and potential equips for IRL money, etc. I'm one of the most legi…
  • Lmfao bruh, welcome to maplestory. It's been this way since Wizet was removed and Nexon America was added in as the "development team". Took them how many years to half-ass fix the pet loot lag? Let alone there's still lag when you open up you…
  • All you do is your symbol dailies, some events if they're around, and then log off or afk. That's all I do now. MapleStory lost its spark back in 2012. The only reason I play it now, is because of how much money I've dropped into the game over…
  • Let me guess, you're in bera lmao.
  • Lmfao, you expected better from the most populated server? You know Bera's about financial gain right? That's why most people moved there.
  • I'll just place this out there: You joined a KOREAN MMORPG. Korea doesn't care about your muslim multiple wives shtick. So either deal with what Korea has set in place, or quit this game and find another with multiple wives in it. And no…
  • PhantomMasterThief wrote: » KushyDragon wrote: » PhantomMasterThief wrote: » @KushyDragon You can get Powerful Rebirth Flames from: Decent & Substantial Exploration Boxes, Dojo Shop, Legion Shop, Ursus shop, Oz tower rank 4 or higher box…
  • PhantomMasterThief wrote: » @KushyDragon You can get Powerful Rebirth Flames from: Decent & Substantial Exploration Boxes, Dojo Shop, Legion Shop, Ursus shop, Oz tower rank 4 or higher box, Event Shops, Sudden Missions, Pollo and Fritto rewar…