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I just got done polishing my Non-Leech guide. Now I have the guide with the places to level, and the other guide with the places to get equipment!


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I'm just a fellow Mapler whose been around since early Sept of 2005. I know all about the hardships of pre Big Bang and how it beat you in to how the game works. I've played around with a lot of classes throughout the years, but I'd have to say my favourite class to play as is Hero of the Explorer Warrior tree.


  • Zwehks wrote: » Are these items still available? Mainly looking at the bandanas in GMS? It's highly possible with a beginner character (one that hasn't gotten a job yet like Beginner, Noblesse, etc).
  • rarePantry wrote: » Wouldn't it be beneficial just to make a global Free Market / Auction House ??? They tried that years ago with the Maple Trade System so surely, Nexon have learned their lesson from that exploitable mess and can further the …
  • I have 19 characters out of 40 slots unlocked in Mardia, 4 characters out of 14 in Yellonde, 4 characters out of 12 in Chaos, 6 characters out of 12 in Kradia, and 8 characters out of 17 slots unlocked in Windia. I understand I will have my 41 chara…
  • MisterPENGUIN wrote: » Ridleys Gacha Does NOT Exist anymore. I had covered this in the introduction. I said I would keep them listed if Nexon ever decided to bring him and the haunted house back.
  • Ivangold wrote: » YO WTF so many stuff, i have to check this out later My goal was to create a guide based around obtaining iTCG (internet trading card card) content and have it all in one place.
  • That's just the thing about Reboot World. You have to be ambitious with the things you're after. That's not to discredit the people who party with you in the pursuit of such things. That part of Reboot World is somewhat refreshing to me. We're all h…
  • Vanidades wrote: » and PEPE BEAK DAGGER? I've done some digging around and it seems Mecateons from the old Omega Sector dropped that weapon. I find it highly unlikely that Nexon would transfer the drop lists from the old mobs to the new ones (c…
  • MorningAfterSeven wrote: » Thanks for the guide Spent 2k combo at Slimes, but no drop. Hit one octopus: omok piece. lol Yeah, for whatever reason, it's been ancient history that Slimes and Mushroom pieces are very low drop-rates compared to t…
  • SteamCookie wrote: » I noticed it hasn't been noted so I thought I'd mention this. This is the method I've been using to level my beginner. As soon as you have access to Afterlands, go there. The main questline gives great exp, but the reason A…
  • Hey there! I just uploaded a guide on how to make the match card and omok mini-games and I've included monster drops. Here's the link: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/24011/maplestory-mini-games-omok-and-match-cards#latest
  • LagTooMuch wrote: » Yea you are right. But the problem is everything is at least above 200m. If you have one let me know. I realise this is a 2 year old post, but perhaps you'd still find this of use. I made a drop list for a lot of rare NX re…
  • As an alternative to LHC, the same can be done by going to level 130 monsters to grind for level 130 armour and weapons. Muspell are the armour and Jaihin are the weapons.
  • evilmonkey85 wrote: » Is it still possible to obtain a Palette shield? I see that its listed under honorable mentions so i assume no, but I'd really love one for fusion anvil :X It'd be great if the devs actually shared the information of where…
  • Sumi wrote: » Yea i tried aswell cant continue =s I too have tried this and I can confirm that there's no way to move forward in ToT as a Perm Beginner. The chances are very slim that beginners will ever be qualified for that one crutial requir…
  • Slaydzik wrote: » what is the name of Princess No pre-quest name? where to start it?? In the lightbulb to the left of your screen, it appears at level 140 and the quest is called: Regards, Takeda Shingen.
  • LoyalHeartTiger wrote: » Hey Chronos. I noticed some other issue with the codex. there were these strange pigs. I found them, but I fought them a long time and no card drops. Are there some monsters that never drop cards? There are a lot of ene…
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » if it expires be sure to use it before then if possible She likely got it from today's Hot Week Box so nope, there's no need to worry about it expiring.
  • LoyalHeartTiger wrote: » Okay I finally got a node stone..... umm.... what am I suppose to do with these? It said I can't open til I am at job 5. Right now I am at Job 4 for explorers. Yup. Gotta get to 200, do the job advancement, and then you…
  • I have a Mercedes with the same problem.
  • I’ve seen this a lot myself. I’ve seen runes appear and disappear immediately once it’s spawned. The interaction with it is so fast that it’s just gone. I can vouch for the Elites spawning. Although there have been instances where there’d be areas t…