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  • QuickDrawer wrote: » just sayin hayato actually has extremely good mobility. it doesn't just use the flash jump and dash but it uses skills like falcon dive and dankuusen combo or the hitokiri strike and dankuusen combo to travel and move faster t…
  • Cigrae wrote: » Can I add a question for the monster collection here as well? I thought Kaiser was the one fighting the Nefarious Priests and Angelic Buster the Heretic.. but she was sent to the Nefarious ones too. How do I get to the Heretic o…
  • MageOfBattles wrote: » The formatting is amazing on this. It's a pretty solid guide. Thank you, I appreciate it It is still a work in progress, I'll probably pick it up later tonight or even finish it tomorrow as I've got another 3 "projects" …
  • Nyuuu wrote: » Just to be sure. Doesnt matter if I dont have a character in a non-reboot/luna world? I can still make new characters in tespia, right? Thanks :P We will be able to create new characters, for example if it is a new class that w…
  • *Reserved for part 5*
  • *Reserved for part 4*
  • *Reserved for part 3*
  • Magician Magician Magicians are the sort of classes that attack from afar, have some nice damage but lack in defense and HP, although most magician classes do counter it by using a skill similar to a Magic Guard. Magic Guard allows portion of damag…
  • They do get an Echo of Hero (lvl 140 in beginner tab) but because they were released before they've revamped the skill for most classes, the skill itself has the old use. Which was to get rid of abnormal status. If we ever get a BT revamp then maybe…
  • AKradian wrote: » We will be able to create characters on Tespia. Might not be able to create Zero or BT, if they are not scheduled to be opened for creation on the live servers for the patch that Tespia is testing. I see, thank you for the in…
  • Luna, highest so far 163, came back after a while of not playing. So the account is pretty new, but been playing for a long time on and off even before EMS existed.
  • I'd love an EU Reboot server, purely cause of the connectivity issues and lags I get from playing on any of the NA servers from the EU. Plus a nice fresh start where things seem more fair for every single player is a nice addition to the game. Th…
  • Actually I've noticed these Eluna quests which tell you where to level up and such, and God damn the rewards!!! After reaching lvl 100 I got this cool weapon with 201 MATT and then some other cool accessories which are fully scrolled and starred too…
  • My goal is to finally reach lvl 200 at least once in Maple! Also gonna try and be one of the best Beast Tamers on Luna! (one day!!!)