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  • Cosmetics wrote: » Another Reboot exclusive package in the CS. This is just ridiculous. Nexon why can't you just make packages universal, regardless of what server you play on. The package is $14 each, and there's quite a few people here who wou…
  • I sent another ticket and it was closed with the same generic garbage they always use. Yes I know they know the items are still bugged. Yes I know they fixed the bug so items purchased from here on out are tradeable. What we all actually want to kn…
  • Nexon was clearly aware of this problem and didn't bother to make an announcement so people could at least know to avoid purchasing NX items from the Auction House until it was resolved and yet they aren't going to do anything about everyone who was…
  • ManiOh wrote: » charm on eqp can still be there if your charm its lvl 100 ,charm wont be used bring back ASOK (Avatar Scissors of Karma) and make all the gear tradeable no matter how you get untill wear also for nx coupon (exp/drop) make perm…
  • http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/15878/nx-clothes-untradable-after-purchase-from-ah#latest Yes it is not just you, here is the thread in bug report. Like I mentioned there, the response to my ticket about this was only that they are …
  • DeathStar wrote: » whats the rate of this happening? just bought something as gift and i dont want to bind it to my account All three nx items I've purchased from the Auction House (the first one was also supposed to be a gift) have been untrad…
  • Arwoo wrote: » Hi guys, this suggestion was discussed with the team and we've read all the comments posted in this thread. However, the decision was made final. Windia along with Scania are to remain unavailable in this round of World Transfer. …
  • If the game is truly "working as intended" this is really unacceptable. As someone who has played on and off since late 2005 even at peak population (FM1-22 filled, 1-5 filled in channel 2) I never had connection problems. Lag, yes, but not constant…