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  • Can anyone give me a clear answer? at which level can I nx gift people?
    in Nx Gift Comment by SuperSaiyan3 July 17
  • Deckiatv wrote: » Its Level 40 to use Cash Shop, like for instance trading cash items like CS gear... I hope this helps you So wait, I can only gift people when I'm lvl 40 or above? and not lvl 16?
    in Nx Gift Comment by SuperSaiyan3 July 11
  • Bump.
    in Nx Gift Comment by SuperSaiyan3 July 2
  • Choices wrote: » Please bring back Name Change Coupons in future shops, it has been featured before and I was really hoping you would bring it back in Ark Shop but I was disappointed to see it not go through. For a such a big event I really thoug…
  • lookingforX wrote: » I am from kradia. I'm stuck on this server with few players to play with, its kind of depressing. when will there be another world tranfer/leap anyone knows? You're not alone brother, the majority (probably 99% of maplers,…
  • SwordStaker wrote: » Honestly it should be all non-Bera and Reboot Worlds mixed into one server so we have Scania/GRAZED/MYBKN/Windia in 1 world, increase channels to 30-40 and then have Bera and Reboot Wrong. Scania/GRAZED/MYBKN/Windia, belie…
  • ShokunKaYo wrote: » Alantino wrote: » I doubt they'd do so, since it's such a "small matter" (for them of course, as usual). I'd suggest you to give up. Everything is a small matter to them. Jajajajajaja, brilliant!
  • LinksMissing wrote: » Nexon has always favored hackers. This change to help protect them more is no surprise. Haha, of course, I'm glad that we still have a few people like you who actually understand and saw the truth through nexon. About 6…
  • YinYangX wrote: » SuperSaiyan3 wrote: » I'm sorry but I have to agree with them, the fact that we have Teleport Skills is totally unfair. I have a guild but I always end up being alone and even though I'm very good at Flag Race, it's just i…
  • YinYangX wrote: » Also lol: Alantino wrote: » Sorrow wrote: » If teleport got removed then guilds would use cannons and shoot everyone that is not in their guild. Will you be making a thread about this too when it happens? No stop lying, peopl…
  • SuperJonic wrote: » It's somewhat similar to what happened in scania. I see all the population almost full on all the channels; and by the time i log on to go grind, I see bots here, bots there, bots in towns, bots taking up every best grinding sp…
  • MigiSouthpaw wrote: » its liek this was made for boters zehahahah Well, maybe because it is, zehahahahaha
  • NicholasB wrote: » Just give up already, they never cared about us and they will not bring it back. I won't give up T_T
  • Jacaru wrote: » "Just stop trying and give up already, they won't listen to us anyway." This already got 12 votes, the majority. It shouldn't. See how little faith your playerbase has in you, Nexon? This will make new players see that it's not …
  • Arlong wrote: » they should just bring back star planet. nexon was just mad that I kept winning Please, vote "Yes" if you don't mind Fennekin wrote: » I liked One Card... especially spamming the emotes lol. And that moment when your strategy …
  • Why it hasn't been fixed yet? it's been forever -_-
  • Yeah, I like it too, good idea.
  • PhantomMasterThief wrote: » cheezburger85 wrote: » Mercedes4Ever31 wrote: » Cadena91 wrote: » DarkPassenger wrote: » GranpaBacon wrote: » The only thing that needs to be done is on Nexon's end. Rather than punish players (largely Rebo…
  • Have they fixed this problem yet? I can not enter the site.
  • MageOfBattles wrote: » SuperSaiyan3 wrote: » MageOfBattles wrote: » cheezburger85 wrote: » ClawStaff wrote: » Ok I agree with guild messages, but I don't think the other suggestions are really necessary. First Jr masters can just pm you i…