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  • DUALGUNPRO wrote: » Im back 1 year after the Khain/Broa Merge and its still dead. Maybe someday im gonna back to play again if i see the example of KMS on GMS Servers and that is The Merge complete World to 1. That would be Let the merge begin.…
  • Unemployed wrote: » I'm still not giving up on this. Bring it back for Halloween Nexon, please. @Arwoo Likewise. It's been a long long time since we had it.
  • MisterPENGUIN wrote: » Lmfao how does nobody know this. It's Lv 70 to gift anything from CS. No other levels are required what so ever. 70 Level's and that's it. Due to hacker's nexon changed it from Lv 10 to Lv 15 to Lv 30 to Lv 70. People would…
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  • chrissypoop wrote: » It’s level 120 to gift cubes. Not sure about other items Isn't it the same with other items as well? or cubes are different you're saying?
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  • AKradian wrote: » SuperSaiyan3 wrote: » Bump. In the 24 days since you made this thread, you could have gotten your character to any level required for gifting. I'm very busy in real life, consequently, I'd rather know which level I can gi…
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  • TacoLOL wrote: » Since the previous world transfer event didn't exactly go as well as nexon expected, I doubt there'll be another one any time soon. I would much rather more server alliances. It actually went really good, everyone went to Bera …
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  • Can anyone give me a clear answer? at which level can I nx gift people?
  • Deckiatv wrote: » Its Level 40 to use Cash Shop, like for instance trading cash items like CS gear... I hope this helps you So wait, I can only gift people when I'm lvl 40 or above? and not lvl 16?
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  • Choices wrote: » Please bring back Name Change Coupons in future shops, it has been featured before and I was really hoping you would bring it back in Ark Shop but I was disappointed to see it not go through. For a such a big event I really thoug…
  • lookingforX wrote: » I am from kradia. I'm stuck on this server with few players to play with, its kind of depressing. when will there be another world tranfer/leap anyone knows? You're not alone brother, the majority (probably 99% of maplers,…
  • SwordStaker wrote: » Honestly it should be all non-Bera and Reboot Worlds mixed into one server so we have Scania/GRAZED/MYBKN/Windia in 1 world, increase channels to 30-40 and then have Bera and Reboot Wrong. Scania/GRAZED/MYBKN/Windia, belie…
  • ShokunKaYo wrote: » Alantino wrote: » I doubt they'd do so, since it's such a "small matter" (for them of course, as usual). I'd suggest you to give up. Everything is a small matter to them. Jajajajajaja, brilliant!
  • LinksMissing wrote: » Nexon has always favored hackers. This change to help protect them more is no surprise. Haha, of course, I'm glad that we still have a few people like you who actually understand and saw the truth through nexon. About 6…