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  • Petalmagic wrote: » I was in the Dance contest...-hides my super red face- Man I felt so freakin embarassed afterwards but I am glad I did it. When I rewatch the dance competition on Twitch, I cry everytime because it was the last event and it …
  • robtbs wrote: » i was just wondering, how people are able to lvl +20 characters from 1 to 210 any suggestion? They gear up, they stack coupons or focus very hard on training and have predetermined route for them to train as fast as possible.…
  • The monitor settings you choose may not be suitable you go to your graphics settings and reduce your resolution to a lower number. I got a gaming laptop with a 2k 17" display and Maplestory looks awfully small when windowed so I play in Fullscreen.…
  • http://maplestory.nexon.net/micro-site/30839# I was in CBT , but this reward code for testing was sent to me . Also, the Maplefest items still never came .
  • boompower1x8 wrote: » Giving this a bump due to a recent feedback from players that the ring is now working without any problems since last week's v1.95. Please re-release the ring in philosphers books/marvel to improve accessibility and/or app…
  • Catooolooo wrote: » nope, would be nice for some real world merges though, and no more world alliances The world merge idea may lead to character deletions since you are turning multiple worlds into 1 world. I made some characters in the other…
  • Arcane vs Sweetwater Tyrants This would work nicely in our ring combos. I am hoping the Sengoku accessories quest were repeatable and the Gollux shop restocks its goods since we will be booming things if we get a higher…
  • I also find mobs they don't have their own map to be difficult to register. There are no maps dedicated for Buffies* and Lazy Buffies* in Ludibrium.
  • JushiroNet wrote: » Reaching 22 star is also a massive meso sink, especially if we keep the gms starforce costs. You've surely noticed that an arcane weapon [clean] can't even be purchased for the cap of 30b.... if mesos were actually used for …
  • We are at the 6th page of characters and you guys want to go to 43? Why not go to 48? More is better and each page holds 6. 8 x 6 = 48 slots.
  • LightningSpark wrote: » So has this been mentioned by the developers in the maplestory fest ? this hasn't been addressed in maple fest, but I would love to be have the ability to buy pets with RP as well as shop without having a limit on cubes …
  • When I do monster collection in El Nath, I occasionally find some of those Cold Protection scrolls as well as those anti-slip for shoes. I don't think adding OP items into mob loot will be balanced such as Umbra. I was thinking about Root Abyss'…
  • My items didn't come either. I was someone's +1, and they sold their guest items to someone else. I am not sure if I will get excluded from CBT or from getting the maplestory items.
  • Where is Beginner?
  • JushiroNet wrote: » both of these sound fine to me. now grab some popcorn while terrorstreak freaks out Let's not bully Terror, but 25 stars wouldn't make those who went tranposed Tyrants screwed. Even if we get 25 stars, SW made from Tyran…
  • I don't feel it is right to give prizes for those who have the highest Arcane force as it will be benefiting those who have a high arcane force rather than activity spent doing dailies. When players eventually hit the Arcane Force cap, they will be…
  • JushiroNet wrote: » They always use that 5 hour snail pet. I wonder if getting rid of that would help Removing that would just punish new users or those veteran users who just need something to loot items. Making account creation harder and pa…
  • I agree that Phantom should be able to steal skills anywhere. Also, it is annoying how you cannot fuse nebulites in the locations you mentioned.
  • JushiroNet wrote: » Anyway, it may be better (if they want to nerf sw transpose and give us >15 star) to simply flag tyrant transpose somehow as being capped at 15. How they'd do that exactly who knows but we seem to agree on the premise. …
  • i would like gollux shop to restock in non reboot as well