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  • Freund wrote: » Edited : Maybe I need to rephrase my question a bit better. Since MC data transfer over. They didn't mention if our *NEW*Legion System Coin can transfer over to the new world or not ? Because I don't wanna spend like over 20k coi…
  • [Updated August 16 3:05 PM PDT]: The Angelic Feathers, Bound Wings, and Fallen Angel Tail have now been properly discounted on Reboot Worlds, and are back on sale. Thank you for your patience. http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/52296/cash-shop-upda…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » -snip- The link I provided was for the Adventurer Appreciation Gifts where it's stated: - Adventurer Title Coupon: Untradeable. Use after August 28 at 12:00 AM UTC to obtain the title for the final Adventurer Tier you have …
  • iArrowZ wrote: » This should have been communicated before they were released. so if someone ranks up later will they be able to get everything. as it stands i need 5 more days to rank up to bushmaster This information was included in our v.2…
  • Hello! We would like to further clarify how the data will be merged for each system as there’s a difference between the game systems. 1. Legion: The data from the one world (out of the many merging worlds) that has the most progress will be appl…
  • The issue where players with MVP Bronze did not receive 2 Black Cubes is being looked into. Thank you for the report!
  • Hello, Can you try using the coupon with NPC Nurse Pretty* in Henesys or through "Quick Move" in towns? *Edit made
  • Hello, Can you provide us with your IGN and World? We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Questions up until here have been compiled and have been relayed to the team. We'll be back with the responses shortly. Please do continue to ask your World Merge related questions.
  • Yes, we include this notice in our Mega Burning web post in case of these issues: " (Please note that if you create an Illium character and select it as "Burning", you will need to complete your Illium questline first before teleporting out of the a…
  • MapleStory Website Runtime Error Update: For those who experienced the MapleStory website Runtime Error issue, please try re-opening or refreshing your browser. If you still experience this Runtime Error issue, please comment below. Thank you
  • pommepouffe wrote: » Is past experience shows that forwarded does not necessarily mean it ever becomes 'known'. ^Hello! Yes, it has been relayed to the team. We'll provide an update when we have them! M0rtic1a wrote: » What about Joko's Exc…
  • AusaStar wrote: » -snip- Please submit a ticket to our Support team to get your 90-day Budding Artist Mount exchanged to a permanent version after confirmation! We plan to switch out the 90-day duration item to a permanent one in Gachapon shor…
  • Hello, Can you please comment with your IGN and world if you still experience this issue?
  • Hello! Can those who still experience this Damien entry bug attempt to queue again? We've applied a fix today at 5 PM PDT.
  • We are currently looking into this issue. Can you provide us with your IGN and World?
  • We plan to distribute the rest of Pathfinder Microsite gifts on July 24th along with our Patch Update. If any changes are made, we'll update the community with the timeline.
  • Hello, The issue where attacking the bush in front of the door in Afterlands would result in crashes has been addressed through today's Scheduled Maintenance. Please let us know if you still experience this issue after today. http://maplestory.…
  • This issue was addressed through today's Scheduled Maintenance. Please let us know if you happen to still experience this issue after today. http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/51425/scheduled-minor-patch-july-11-2019
  • Hello! We just fixed this issue through today's Scheduled Maintenance. Please try again and let us know! http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/51425/scheduled-minor-patch-july-11-2019