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  • If you have an "ID chair" on your first chair, it lists the date of the character creation yyyy-mm-dd. But both this and MarkswomanSpin's idea are for first "character" so that only works if you still have the first character you made on the first d…
  • potential ranks: no potential = gray rare = blue epic = purple unique = yellow legendary = green rank/bonus stats/scrolling/star force: gray white orange blue purple yellow green red increasing value, basically, the higher the "rank…
    in item ranks Comment by YinYangX April 30
  • Jw, what happens if you try other hot keys there? I just changed my f5-f8 like the ones you circled and seem to work okay for me.
  • Might help if you say coming back from when for reference, if you mean beta, everything, if you mean from like the last major event, couple reworks and a couple new contents.
    in Coming Back Comment by YinYangX April 25
  • What happens why you try to switch to windowed mode?
  • One of them has a capital "i". *joke*
  • Hit box is a bit funky, can't remember but try clicking around the lock and not on it (above, below).
  • http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/54621/updated-december-18-v-210-glory-savior-of-hope-patch-notes#masteria Second bullet under New Leaf City and other bulles under Phantom Forest and MesoGear.
  • darik wrote: » I said it before and i say it now, i wouldnt mind paying like in WOW, 10 dollars a month if the game was optimiced to the maximun, there werent so many dcs,buggs, and some qol changes like this get implemented and nx stuff was obtai…
  • That basically sounds like a more complicated Beast Tamer, in my opinion. Also, that would be really complicated considering there's like 500+ familiars and counting and how overlapping buffs would work.
  • psiP wrote: » r> merging of all paid servers i.e. non-reboot and reboot servers only Maybe it's just me, but the world you play in, Scania, seems to be doing much better off now a days, population wise, so don't think that needs a server me…
  • sectred wrote: » the eliminate the puppeteer. i cannot enter with the right password What password are you using?
  • SausageMuffin wrote: » I don't know if it's just me, but when I enter Lotus, there have been multiple times where I have spawned on top of the spinning laser upon entering the boss fight and it leaves basically no time to react to this, leading to…
  • WONDERGUY wrote: » vac pet skill you ask you get... i dont think we are far from things like nexon selling full farm/bossing system automated service untill the point where you dont need play MS just mail nexon your credit card info and you will…
  • Mawg wrote: » Well, they are a tanged character, but, still ... I agree with you. I put everything into DEX, 5 points every level, but what else coudl I do? My equips are all scolled/cubed for %dex. How can I upload a screenshot of my stat…
  • Mawg wrote: » I get attacked by a boss - part of Goluux, and now a boss in the scrapyard. A two colo(u)red bar appears above me with a white work glove on each end. The bar is yellow and .. red? black? I can't recall. It starts with a divide…
  • Sorrow wrote: » When they first added this damage skin it came as a 30-day skin, it was only due to a malfunction from damage skin storage that it saved permanently if I remember correctly. I would still love to see this damage skin make a come…
  • Fuhreak wrote: » Bishop does have iframes, Ethereal Form it's not an iframe unique to it, but it is there. There's beast tamer (lol) that has both an EXP/Drop Boost (Arby form) and a massive 30 second iframe skill. I haven't really played eith…
  • CrystalOra wrote: » Dark Night would beat yo a** with a chain and then strangle you to death with it!!! So basically a class + job change to Cadena. xd