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  • Just a discount, it doesn't improve your success rate. Only the 5th,10th,15th 100% success rate event on November 10 give better odds to reaching higher star force due to only needing 4 success in a row instead of 5.
  • You could always get the potential "+1/2/3 seconds invincibility duration when attacked" on epic/unique/legendary top/overall to get hit/knockback less often. (Does not work on attacks that bypass invincibility)
  • All red lines after using Hitokiri strike when stat window say 53% (total of 98% crit rate with the buff). Been like this since Hayato was released (and many bug reports about this), only reason why I think it remain unchanged is to ensure that …
    in Hayato bug? Comment by Rexaar October 11
  • http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/49946/v-205-pathfinder-patch-notes Empress’ Might Quest Fixed an issue where Jett could progress through some of the prerequisite quests. Jett can no longer progress in Empress’ Might quests.
  • If you hit a monster with the buff, you will see that the crit rate is working as intended, it just doesn't show up on the stat window.
    in Hayato bug? Comment by Rexaar October 11
  • Only have Mihile's Soul Driver Name of the other skill is so you can google it Oz's Flame Gear Irena's Wind Piercing Eckhart's Vampire Hawkeye's Shark Wave
  • Lv flames main purpose is to give bonus stat to equipment that never had bonus stat in the first place (before the patch and from certain quests), and to be extracted as materials for powerful/eternal rebirth flames.
  • When I did my solo only progression on Reboot, I had the following before being able to solo 3/4 cra bosses. Lionheart Battle Helm Lionheart Battle Bracer Lionheart Battle Mail Lionheart Battle Boot Lionheart Battle Cape Lionheart Cutlass Lio…
    in Solo Cra Comment by Rexaar October 8
  • Intentional fix to a possible exploit/bug in KMS. https://orangemushroom.net/2019/05/22/kms-ver-1-2-316-16th-anniversary-pt-2-job-balancing/ To fix an error where after being authenticated, the crafting cooldown of items would be reset, both skil…
  • Last resorts in order of time consumption (do only one of them). -Try on another computer in case the part of the quest file that handle that quest is corrupted. -Repair installation -Complete reinstall
  • Make sure this quest line is completed, https://maplestory.fandom.com/wiki/Quests/41/The_Missing_Hero#Hero.27s_Mark. I am unable to replicate this bug, as going to the Nine Spirit Nest without the quest bring me to the the unhatched version of th…
  • You're fine (they just don't want to change the word "block" to "disconnected"), people usually get that message when they are lagging (because the server receive a bunch of packets at once, there is no fool proof way to differentiate it between a l…
  • Your etc inventory is full.
  • Left: How much defense is changed if you equipped this Middle: How much % boss damage is changed if you equipped this Right: How much % Ignore Enemy Defense is changed if you equipped this
    in Item Stats Comment by Rexaar September 3
  • Or find a rune of skill to reset the cooldown.
  • This will be fixed maybe 1-2 months later. https://orangemushroom.net/2019/03/27/kms-ver-1-2-314-pink-bean-world/ Fixed an error in Damien’s phase 2 where you could not avoid his rush attack by crouching.
  • Try turning the background setting to lowest in the system option menu.
  • I believe Monad is one of those content that actually high damage (naturally acquired through leveling) despite the low level requirement.
  • Don't talk to npc at all while queuing. By design, you are not allowed to teleport when talking to an npc due to some unknown past exploits or bugs or something. Just stop clicking after you accept the queue, it your fault that your finger clicked…