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  • You already learn them by default which is why they don't work.
  • Never had this problems when making bug report. There is no draft saving function when making a new forum post, only when replying to a forum post. Draft are saved using a cookie using java script, you probably have a browser extension that is i…
  • You still need to do the pet snack quest to have multiple pet. I have not heard anything about it being broken the past few months.
  • Roognok wrote: » Sadly guys, this has nothing to do with the game or the client themselves. It has everything to do with you Video Card in your computer. It's running out of usable RAM. When it gets full, it can no longer run the application so Ma…
  • There has been people saying their maple reward shop has some stuff restocked and some stuff go missing after the patch. My stock of black cube went missing, and my fury totem stock went up, and my monster park ticket stock went down too.
  • Make sure you have slot in your USE inventory
  • Comparing the kms mastery level, the total SP needed for xenon is still the same and they keep their wiki well updated so the same mastery level mean nothing changed. https://namu.wiki/w/%EB%A3%A8%EB%AF%B8%EB%84%88%EC%8A%A4(%EB%A9%94%EC%9D%B4%ED%…
  • It is intended for Xenon to not have enough SP to max out all skills in 2nd/3rd job. It is intended for Luminous to not have enough SP to max out all skills in 1st/2nd/3rd job.
  • This no longer occurs on the Nexon Launcher version. This still occurs on the Steam version.
  • Since the V matrix UI is different in the skill window, count how many nodes you have in the skill window UI. If the number of nodes is equal to the number of node in the npc node crafter UI, there is no hidden unreachable node.
  • Just a visual bug where an extra dot is shown, no node is hidden in that extra page. If you have enough skill node to make it past page 1, it will actually go to the next page which proves there is no page in between. Also if you dissemble a node …
  • Yes, if you're asking after an hour of hunting, the drop rate is like 5x or more lower than lunar dew
  • Equipment set progression Pensalir -> Necromancer -> Von Leon -> Empress -> Chaos Root Abyss and Tyrants -> Absolab -> Arcane Von Leon requires an hour pre-quest to fight, hard mode and the daily quest in this area drop stuff t…
    in Help Comment by Rexaar October 29
  • Give it a shot if you meet many of the points - The 2-D art style - You don't mind grinding for stuff - You like the RPG aspect of characters getting stronger - You don't feel disappointed, rage, or self-destructing thoughts when other people pr…
  • Put points into arcane power until you have 1.5x the needed arcane power when training at the arcane river (so you can do 1.5x damage and take only 1 damage from regular mobs (not the afk killer)). Attack up to lv 4. Str up to lv 3. General adv…
  • The fully grown cloud piece has an expiration timer of 10 minutes, so you need to be aware of it and quickly turn it in when it has finished growing (cannot afk for too long).
  • Just a discount, it doesn't improve your success rate. Only the 5th,10th,15th 100% success rate event on November 10 give better odds to reaching higher star force due to only needing 4 success in a row instead of 5.
  • You could always get the potential "+1/2/3 seconds invincibility duration when attacked" on epic/unique/legendary top/overall to get hit/knockback less often. (Does not work on attacks that bypass invincibility)
  • All red lines after using Hitokiri strike when stat window say 53% (total of 98% crit rate with the buff). Been like this since Hayato was released (and many bug reports about this), only reason why I think it remain unchanged is to ensure that …
    in Hayato bug? Comment by Rexaar October 11