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  • There were five whole evangelion items in the surprise style boxes. FIVE! Out of a total of ~50 items. How're you gonna call it an Evangelion Surprise Style Box when only 1/10th of the items are even Evangelion themed. Same stuff with the random box…
  • friend got rei in one coupon, I got it in three. so it balances out I guess lol. plus, we both got all three (currently available to females) evangelion hairs within three coupons each.
  • It's not like we voted for more transparency last year or anything. I think he did mention /find for a brief moment on the last stream (just a "we're looking into it" sort of response). But livestreams aren't exactly the best place to deliver new…
  • Nier Automata's 50% off right now lol. I unfortunately bought it full price a few weeks ago. I'm liking it so far, tho.
  • Did you stop actively trying to earn contribution after you got the required 30k? Cuz that's kind of a jerk move lol.
  • Is there official confirmation that the rate is increased (or even what the rate is increased to), or is it all player speculation? I'm wondering why Nexon still hasn't outright said "Spell Trace CSS get boosted to 10% during Fever Time". FTR, as…
  • AB's could probably do it pretty fast. I remember for one Hasty Hunting event, I did that mission by spamming Soul Seeker lol. Each orb adds to your combo separately, and you can have up to 8 orbs running at once. Could get 150-200 combo kills per m…
  • Wonder what the supposed issue is. Don't they usually outright give you the information if you did something silly to your item, like NPC it, drop it, or use a booming scroll on it?
  • A lot of Morass maps actually have safe platforms lol. Same for Arcana. Even Clocktower has some safe platforms. If they're set on keeping it in here/if map-holding really is a problem in GMS, then they really need to rework the spawn logic. How …
  • Hahaha wow so it was shut down. In all my years of foruming, I've never seen something like that happen. You're basically indirectly telling them to move to private chat. Matty wrote: » Neospector wrote: » The original thread was, however, cont…
  • It only gives like, 50% increased mob spawn. And it probably rounds down, cuz Nexon hates Kanna (frenzy probably rounds up). So it gives floor(0.5 * 1) bonus mobs, which is 0 bonus mobs. Either that or it just crashes your game, everyone in the m…
  • I was actually thinking of making a thread about how a certain thread wasn't being bumped to the top of Discussions or General Chat whenever a new post was made (it always says the latest post was made on February 10th). There was actually one othe…
  • #5 I'm pretty sure is against the rules, even if you're at your computer the entire time to answer GMs that whisper you. 1 human input = 1 in-game output is the rule I tend to assume is in place if they don't explicitly say they allow macros lol. Do…
  • Frappucino wrote: » UserRed wrote: » 5th Job is now a thing, and the old meso farming tactics for Reboot just went down the gutter because mobs under level 20 of you don't drop mesos. why did everyone move to Bera, why not Scania? even Windia…
  • how about we make it like eye colors, where you can get a specific color for a buck fifty. that's a way more reasonable price. keep mix dye at the premium price tho
  • The main reason I want all servers to become one is because of how disheartening it is to meet someone else who plays MapleStory, only to find out they play in . A new/returning player needs a carry/a starter set to get them off the ground, buuuut t…
  • will the coupons work on androids this time tho
  • **** (edit: oh lul vaguely remember that being censored but forgot I guess) moved to rants and raves and what happens if u try to login anyway lol? does it say wrong password? I feel like that's happened to me before, but on the main website. use…