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I'm a Fennekin! (a.k.a. a web and mobile app developer)


  • OdysseyTwo wrote: » What is your job, level, and max HP? DR damage from Elite Mobs is equal to the square of the monster's level divided by 7.5, which depending on your job and max HP, is either a mere slap on the wrist or can hit like a truck. Jo…
  • That feature sounds really useful. It really sucks to have to log on just to re-list your stuff lol. Not that I do that often. I can imagine it being possible. Isn't the Auction House on its own server anyway? RuneScape actually has a companion a…
  • The main thing I like better about Steam than the NX Launcher is that it detects crashes WAY faster. Which is a very important asset to have in a game that crashes as much as MapleStory does lol. As far as I can tell, it takes NX Launcher like 30s t…
  • i speet at u
    in Stahp Comment by Fennekin January 10
  • It could be a killing speed thing. Or maybe just really bad luck. Any estimates on how many mobs you killed in that hour? I remember measuring my kills per node in that one drop rate data thread, and I was getting one node per 875 kills on similar d…
  • LOL it finally happened. support tho. this should be interesting.
  • This was a looong time ago, when I was in high school, but it made me giggle lmao - FattyMcButt. Didn't know much about him, just passed by. There was one name I saw in another game that I was too young and innocent at the time to understand, tha…
  • you could try contacting the buyer to see if they'd be willing to return it lol. I've seen a few instances where it actually got returned. probably wouldn't work for something like a BoD or frenzy, but with an item like that, you've got a shot.
  • I liked One Card... especially spamming the emotes lol. And that moment when your strategy comes together and you surprise everyone by going from 5+ cards to 0 is just sooo 10/10 lol.
  • just to clarify, are you equipping an nx outfit (i.e. the Mrs. Claus Outfit) on your AB's transformed state? if so, the default dress-up outfit should just be under the nx outfit. if you unequip the nx outfit, does the default dress show up again? …
  • should make a guild discord. or have some other form of communication that doesn't rely on them chancing upon a random post on the forums lol. I don't think anyone in my guild even browses these forums...
  • I mean, it's still technically "free" to play lol. As in, you don't have to pay anything to download and install the game.
  • I remember doing it for FM spots lol
  • lol mine is 3047 4138 125 don't really play much anymore, though. was hoping they'd add more animals once the game officially released worldwide... still waiting on Marshal. and Francine.
  • pandabunnies wrote: » AKradian wrote: » You're supposed to spend Thanksgiving with your family. There are people without families, though. They could use something to cheer them up, if only a tiny bit. lul this thread turned depressing qui…
  • Hawaii and certain regions in I think Arizona don't do DST either. I still think a notification would've been worth it, though. I was surprised at how many people weren't aware that UTC doesn't do DST. I know there was a PSA on reddit, but c'mon lol…
  • "Unique Equipped Item" means you can only equip one of them, but you can have multiple in your inventory. "One of a Kind" means you can only have one of them in your inventory/equipped total. At least, I think that's what those two labels mean. I…
  • Oh wow, I'm actually gonna be in that area on a work trip next month lol. I'm sure I can take a day off for this though
  • CrystalOra wrote: » You bring up a good point that as it stands Commerci is not a place you can go straight to from Pantheon. Adding that town in would be nice. Oh, I meant that the Party Play option lets you teleport directly to San Commerci (…
  • Can they do Henesys/Pantheon -> Party Play -> Commerci? Kind of a roundabout way of doing it, though. Would be better if dimensional mirror just dumped you in front of the Trading Post... and do you still have to recomplete the quest weekly? I…