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  • Did Nexon NA took in consideration not to follow KMS with the drop rate nerff? I doubt it.. everyone in GMS community asked not to do it and yet.. here we are. So why you guys try to make Nexon NA not to follow TMS? it's pointless.
  • its been almost a month since i reported this, and this not even tagged as known issue.. i don't understand what the point having this forum.. its not event, like TakeOver which they can ignore.. players actually losing money because of it.. whe…
  • In the last 2 days when i went with friends to fight Ursus Boss, The score window with the rewards didn't opened for most of us at the end of the fight.. instead it sent us to the entry map with the following message in chat: "You can't gain more re…
  • Arwoo wrote: » We've noticed this too and we're looking into it. @Arwoo Royal Face Coupon (http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/25215/updated-compensation-for-recent-instability-issues-and-downtime) also missing.. no one got it.. can you please …
  • we all gonna get compensation after this maintenance.. 3hours x2 exp buff (not coupon), 3hours x2drop buff (not coupon), 10k honor exp, Safety Charm Coupon 3x (14 Day). nothing more.
    in maintenance Comment by July September 14
  • It's still not updated... players who buy with NX royal face for their androids not getting the new faces... they still getting the faces from August 16 cash shop update.
  • Item type: NX Items Item names: Star of Ereve , Royal Tiara , Dark Musician Coat , Ebony Pimpernel Cape , Star Shadow , Snug Black Nero , Dark Musician Scarf , Kirito's Outfit , Crow Suit , Lotus's Black Wings Uniform , Horoscope Overall , Cygnus D…
  • im just happy they gonna remove 'Change Character' function.. never worked for me.. always crashed the game to desktop.
  • can't play this game from aug 23 (patch 188), there been 7 unscheduled maintenance since then and still no fix. they should change back to v.187.3.0, because this is definitely not a better maple, but the worst patch ever.
  • MisterPoo wrote: » Yeah, it always annoyed how my $270 spent on Marvel Machine didn't count towards the MVP Rewards. They did wrote in Marvel page that NX used will count for MVP. otherwise i wouldn't spent my NX there...
  • TheToxicDudeFromRene wrote: » Except apples give some of the best scrolls in the game. Far and away. Magical Scroll for w.att is a 100% chance to increase w.att and m.att by 9~11 as well as 3 all stats. Basically a Prime scroll, with the chance of…
  • BeepOfPink wrote: » i was wondering this too, please place it onto this maintenance how hard is it to do so? i hope someone will forward before it starts.. @Arwoo
  • BuckYou wrote: » I just wish Reboot had an option to get them hide your android sensors in reboot? its pay to win item.. you also must pay hundreds$ in normal servers to get it..
  • Neospector wrote: » Nyvor wrote: » I also wonder why nobody complains about the less drop of mc & meister cubes on normally bossing? I actually made my 180%drop item equipment for that, not for collecting nodestones. Looks like it is or, not…
  • Hey, Add Android Ear Sensor Clip to cash shop please (not to random in-game item box) Item type: NX Item name :Android Ear Sensor Clip Thanks
  • I also don't get why burning field 0% and not 100% after maintenance, They definitely can do that.. maybe to encourage players to spin the marvel machine for firestarter ring? who knows..
  • Could be a "better maple" patch, but they had to ruin it with the drop rate nerff.
  • cant play this god dam game.. for 30 mins i try to login back and game keep crash...
  • AKradian wrote: » One thing I can suggest is to avoid changing channels as much as possible. The risk of disconnection is far higher within the first couple of minutes after changing channel than at any other time. Note that "changing channel" i…
  • the least they can do is to post in community news that its known issue... I can't play the game for 10mins without getting crashed to desktop.