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May 9, 1996
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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.


  • Arwoo wrote: » Tuba wrote: » Or they will say that they will compensate players, but in the next patch update. But expected plot twist: they magically 'forget' to hand it out lolol. Has there been a case where we promised compensation, but di…
  • You should get that one legendary inner ability that allows multi target skills to hit an additional mob, and if it also gives +1 target when getting the level 50 enhancement node for it then get that too for a total of 4 mobs hit
  • Agent_Dragonfury wrote: » Why is inconveniencing 75% of your player base the preferable choice? Nexon's been up to some unfavorable decisions in order to make Euro players feel welcome... Moderator Note: This text was edited for violating …
  • Did EMS migrate to GMS or did GMS migrate to EMS?
  • MaplerOver9000 wrote: » I really like Ellinia's Moonlight Shadow. Q: What's your saddest Maple moment? Buying NX to pay for PSoks to move items on a character that I'll just quit a week later. Q: If you were to take a character in Maplest…
  • PissedOff wrote: » DisneyPixar wrote: » I'm a purely cosmetics chaser in this crossover event, so I'm supporting the idea for Surprise Style Boxes and Hair Coupons. They showed and quoted the usability of the hair coupons on stream - players sh…
  • AlexF wrote: » Flip of the coin needs a longer duration - it requires constant buffing to the point it becomes almost unsustainable in end game bosses. You can macro the skill with other skills to avoid this. Surprisingly I wasn't aware until m…
  • Neospector wrote: » I already confirmed it with normal Queen and Pierre earlier today and forwarded that specifically. Are there any other bosses where this message appears? Elite Bosses IGN: Mégumîn WOrld;Bera Level:203
  • To answer your question, it's simple. There's too many classes that exist. Nexon could have applied skills from non explorers classes and just gave them to their fitting explorer class, further diversing the gameplay for the current 3 (or 2) final j…
  • I like to cosplay characters that I see in Anime
  • If only the terminus shield was mage/shadower equippable. Only shield that get those 160+ potential stats
    in Shields Comment by AznboiE April 28
  • (Minor) Spoilers: Subaru heckin' dies (again and again and again and again). -would place video here of a Re:Zero meme if i get permission from a mod/admin to post it despite the title and video itself displaying the F word-
  • Midnight = 0:00, and it also displays the timezone, PDT so i'd assume it ends at midnight (when 24th turns to 25th) in California, while the box has an extra "day" to be claimed yet will expire on the 25th at 5 PM PDT (which is just 17 hours)
  • Arwoo wrote: » It does seem that Arkarium has more issues to him with the risk of dying again after reviving just being one of many. Thanks for bringing to light these additional issues to this particular boss fight. We'll be sure to add these…
  • Charts are always wrong because the people who "test" these classes may or may not be utilizing the class correctly. A class like Paladin are more high mid-tier than bottom tier but because the person who I assume is just spamming away with blast an…
  • AKradian wrote: » The KMS dev team already responded to this with, basically, "if we did that then there would be no difference between link skills and character cards." And now you see character cards removed and changed to something else, s…
  • So what do you want them to do? Give your character a debuff if it uses too many at one time?
  • July wrote: » they do try to make it better, looking at recent patches.. for me event hall working ok.. my graphics settings: resolution - 1366x768 quality background - highest quality effects - highest windows 8.1 and a 3 years old lapto…
  • AKradian wrote: » And I don't think it would make everyone look alike. Do all male chars look the same? Do all females? You'd be surprised how many "girls" in this game have Soprano hair and Bright Eyes in this game if you didn't notice alrea…
  • You guys can probably beat it by crouch attacking + booster + Monster Park Green Potion, as I have on my Battle Mage. If using a slow weapon doesnt work, try using a Fast/Faster 1h sword if you have one and using (decent) speed infusion + monster pa…