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May 9, 1996
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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.


  • Hadxse500% damage increase is a little too much isn't it? Maybe just nerf it a little? Such an imbalanced job.. IvangoldOne of the things is that the skill never had a cap, so it came out without a cap, and i if it were to get a cap they would…
    in nerf hayato Comment by AznboiE 12:54AM
  • Here's one for you: Mihile We realized that Mihile is really low on the DPS chart that we base our "balances" on, despite being a solid class with Royal Guard stacks. Therefore, we decided to even further enhance the skill, giving Mihile players (if…
  • Haz Firstly, why do you play Maplestory rather than other games and what is it about this game that makes you keep playing? Because once you spend at least $1 on a gambling item and feel as if you didn't get your money's worth, you have a tend…
  • more like AKradianMaybe they feel sorry for gouging so much money on Philosopher Books, that they're giving everybody a week or two to save some cash for the next money soaking item they plan on adding next week. But really, maybe they're finally …
  • xNailKaiserCons: Nexon would have to use up their precious time to make the code & design a sprite for it when you can find a Scarlet Desperado when they may become available or buy a Fafnir desperado that should already be cheap less you …
  • Its2Sharp4UI don't think it's just "belief". Then explain how people can get scammed because they didn't know the item's value? If they believed an item is worth 500m because someone said it was 500m but couldn't find someone willing to pay m…
  • FennekinThe issue is that some items are clearly worth more than max mesos at the moment. No, the issue is that people believe pixels obtained by spending real money is also worth real money when attempted to be sold, while in reality, those i…
  • BIackbeanDoes my friend have the right to call him a scammer?" lol no that's just stubborn idiocy to blame someone else for your own mistakes. Very much like some of the Liberals that blame Russia's "relations" to Trump in the election for Hi…
  • chaoscauserIt baffles me still how they miss stuff off patch notes.... It's not that they missed it, they just chose to believe that these updates weren't important to include in update notes.
  • NeospectorNot sure when you last checked but I don't recall ever being able to dash and use Heavy Salvo at the same time. I was able to jump down off a platform in Chu Chu while holding the skill too. Before V updates were even around, I was …