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May 9, 1996
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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.


  • I hate how there's more than 1 combination to get 3 stars and it doesn't really reveal that there's even a 4 or 5 star category. So even if you get 3 stars it still doesn't guarantee that +/-3 will get you a legendary dish @AKradian
  • Still waiting for that monster life mobile app so I dont have to use ML on the game itself.
  • Fuschia wrote: » TheHoA wrote: » chooz wrote: » whatever it is, I sure hope you have to actually hack to do it and not just creatively screw around with the game, because that's the only reason i can see to stop it. we're probably going to nee…
  • TheOutlander wrote: » Sorry for your current state man, I'm going to give the rundown to you in the most neutral way possible. The servers have been in their worst state since the Firepower Update (personal opinion here) and we don't know why exac…
  • MageOfBattles wrote: » That is so broken XD. Demon Slayer has a skill with the same concept as what I'm trying to suggest for TB, minus the hyper skill change. Crows heals 50% hp with a 10 second cooldown too, and isn't broken. The hyper only l…
  • I definitely like the new classes that they released during this update: The Frustrated Player and the Toxic Player. They even allowed job change so you can switch between the two. I myself have already reached 5th job as a Frustrated Player.
  • maybe thats why they keep saying "everything is fine on our end" they literally just click over to world status on their own site and see they're all green.
  • MisterPoo wrote: » At least they acknowledged the problem. Now, let's start the timer on how long it will take them to fix it.
  • Same. Character name: Rôhan Class: Priest World: Bera
  • No in-game ads. Rather website ads but for the love of god this isn't a mobile game even if it sure as heck runs like one.
  • Pro: +skill changes even if they are negative +Finally an update +Noticeable increased droprate of Nodes while only on 100% base drop +New skin colors +Long needed perm pet water of life +Super easy event where a unique pot scroll is highest …
  • those aren't accurate since I'm assuming you took those screenshots recently. If you aren't aware, everyone's crashing every few minutes so you're only seeing a mere fraction of the population online in each channel. Channel 1 bera is usually 3/5-4/…
  • DeeMon wrote: » I just want to know why nexon had to nerf Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter, that's all, dood. Still waiting for an answer. You can't just nerf something people were so used to and not give a reason why. Gee idk... (sorry fo…
  • Nyvor wrote: » This is a notice about MS SEA, are we suffering something similar? https://www.facebook.com/MapleSEA/photos/a.187910275611.259086.55465290611/10159202780485612/?type=3&theater I can forgive rx America if this were the issue …
  • "Nexon hasn't properly fixed an issue with their game, (especially maplestory)."
  • Keep cooldown at 60 seconds give buff that procs Starforce showdown 100% chance for 10 seconds and a secondary buff that allows the 10% rate to be proc'd when using backup beatdown during the entire cooldown get chance to skip cooldown ability…
  • I get more nodestones on vanilla drop rates than I do with lucky winter alone for some reason... :thinking:
  • 2x isn't the contributor to lag. Where you are located and how far you are from the main server you're playing affects the issue of latency much more than an event does, but the issue seems to be the amount of people such as yourself who are trying …
  • I would like Nexon to update the VIP equipment and add an alien visitor set for specific job types using the old data from the original Alien Visitor event and use the equipment that you see the aliens wear. Class Specific Hat (level 127) (New) …
  • So what you want is a class that's as good as it's hack abused counterpart? I'm not so sure you know how good this class actually is despite yours being 202. Be aware that Orbital flame is nearly considered a 3 line mobbing hurricane and that…