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  • AKradian wrote: » July 1 to August 3 is actually 34 days (July has 31 days), so we have 4 days of wiggle room. It's a lot less than the last iteration of this event, but it's not 2 days. It's still a really small amount of wiggle room, and so…
  • SadVirgin wrote: » Oh you can reproduce it 100%? Must be a Pink Bean title specific issue, my Maple Specialist title on ark hasn't been unequipped by relogging in normal maps. Have you tried other titles, if you have any? Hmm, its not 100%, it …
  • SadVirgin wrote: » It happens when you log out/crash and relog into the Maple Island Tree map. Unsure if it applies to all the other event maps as well, but the afk-map is where I've noticed it myself. Oh, title is also unequipped when entering…
  • Yeah, I am gonna take a guess that Nexon isn't gonna do anything, and unfortunately gonna claim the stuff on another character...really sucks cuz I have powerleveling I wanted to do on Ark.
  • Daxterbeer wrote: » Petalmagic wrote: » I was in the Dance contest...-hides my super red face- Man I felt so freakin embarassed afterwards but I am glad I did it. When I rewatch the dance competition on Twitch, I cry everytime because it was …
  • Talestory wrote: » i'm not really expecting for a Slot Expansion, but I do hope Zero's availability on Reboot soon Uhm...thanks for the necrobump o-o but...it seems like Reboot Zero isn't coming anytime soon, although I fervently want it to com…
  • I was in the Dance contest...-hides my super red face- Man I felt so freakin embarassed afterwards but I am glad I did it.
  • Day 2: Bought another coupon on my Kaiser. Its still the same color after using the coupon. T^T Why Nexon.
  • Will Reboot ever get Zero? (gonna ask this at Maple Fest if I can)
  • Gotta gear up, get some event rings, work on Gollux (even if just Normal mode or if you can get acarry) and just get what you can.
  • this sounds like the obligatory "Legacy" server talk that isn't allowed on the forums. While I do miss Party Play and PQ being the best way to level...:T
  • Retr0_ wrote: » Zero. Cuz it has combos that are smooth as phuk. Pretty good solo play char. Dispite the kms charts, zero is still mowing down bosses when used correctly. Even with low range. It has such a good survivability due to Beta's passive …
  • Do Resistance and hit level 10, then you can pick a class from there, including Blaster.
  • Or remove some of the "platforms" taht get in the way of teleporting classes like Kanna and Lumi.
  • Considering I/L is one of the stronger mages out there...I think Bishops need a buff waaaay more than anything. My level 200 bishop has less range than some of my 150s :T Give Angel Ray back its main mobbing power.
  • Arwoo wrote: » If you were falsely banned and released then that should have no effect on your application. Activity is also not a determining factor as we'd like to invite both existing fans and our fans of the past! Also, I was updated that …
  • Yoshumari wrote: » Well then... I'll see about repairing, rebuilding, and refreshing my costume I wore at Anime LA and bringing it with me! Y.K. Same, Im working on refreshing my Cygnus cosplay I made in Middle school (still fits!) since my …
  • all I need is Sylph ring...RIP me in Reboot (1.5k coins)
  • KidoYaMing wrote: » Pigaba wrote: » Party up by joining a guild or something. Ya I tried that, but most guilds dont offer carries through Chaos CRA unless you contribute to the guild. I joined some and got scammed on many of them. Thats why i…
  • I can solo CQueen and have the damage for CVon, CPierre I can duo with anyone with enough range. 2m clean, 278 boss, 90 IED