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  • Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I think the removal of a global /find option was justified. When it comes to hackers and botters, /find was a very powerful tool to investigate them. Here lies the problem: where do you draw the line between some…
  • Why should legitimate players take responsibility for duped items? Many purchase the items legitimately and may unknowingly resell it at a later time not knowing it was duped. Also its impossible to check for any of these things if its purchased fro…
  • PhantomMasterThief wrote: » but, also don't think that KMS doesn't have any hackers/botters/etc, just because of korean laws. they actually maintain their anti hacking/botting software, and have monthly hackers/botters list on their website, that …
  • I think you are incorrectly correlating that XignCode3 reduces/prevents hackers, spammers, and bots because they're rarer/nonexistant in KMS. Some of the biggest reasons I think this is incorrect is because this kind of antihack has been broken b…
  • Glirotus wrote: » I am plagued by the blank "ok" bug atm so I can't test theory only posting about what I experienced in the past.
  • A problem I have with the whole macro issue is that these automatic permaban system appears to just scan your system for a 'unauthorized third party program' (as put by the EULA) and perma-ban you on the spot upon detection - without actually checki…
  • I am experiencing this problem in mardia of mybckn alliance. However, I was able to go on another character in bera and collect the coupon. Not sure if there's a level req to acquire it but my bera character was lvl 33. So if you're experiencing …
  • Skill Details: Kanna's 3rd job skill Kishin Shoukan makes mobs in a map spawn faster and increases the mobs allowed in the map by +70% for 150 seconds at max level 20. Glitch Details: Skill mob cap was nerfed many patches ago from 70% -> 50%, …