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  • riza
    Who said I was trying to pose myself of having power like a moderator? Did you know that if we hadn't posted those threads and sent the information like we did most of the people who were affected by this ban would have been left at that? It was me and others who collected information, videos and such and me writing to Nexon with others that people had an appeal. And you give me a strike for helping people? So that means if we are on a forum to help people you can now get a ban for it. It shows why people lost faith and frustrated as I seen in the last few posts. Just people lurking around to pain people they don't like. I wouldn't need to help or go out my way to do it if they were being helped. I posted the topics with others to help him send the information with the list I did would of help like it did with the others who were unbanned. I never spend my time going after anyone cause I don't take things personally but it seems some people just can't let things go guess it just personalyiY9352.png
    January 15
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