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  • Synergy ring questions

    Darches wrote: »
    With 2x weekends and 30% sales it should be easy to get the ring on mules; the problem is I don't know WHAT mules since I'm not sure what my absolute favorite classes are until I play them all. Decisions decisions!

    So get rings on all the classes you think you might want them on.
    You can only equip the rings on 5 chars at a time, but you can own them on as many chars as you want.
  • Random ban

    Did you actually get banned (blue notice when you try to log in, saying the account was blocked) or did you get a white notice with Maple Admin before getting disconnected, saying "You have been blocked by GM Police for the HACK reason"?

    If it's the latter, then that is just a result of lag. It's not a real ban and it won't cause you to be banned next time.
  • Why can't we be like them?

    Two major differences between Korea and Global:
    1. In Korea, you need to provide your real ID to register for games (or a Korean phone number, which you need your ID number to acquire).
    2. In Korea, it is illegal to hack video games.

    Because of the requirement of ID/Phone, one hacker can't create an army of thousands of bots as easily as they do it in GMS.
    And if you are caught hacking, the game company knows who you are in the real world and can have you sent to jail for it.
    Naturally, this greatly reduces people's motivation to hack.

    Why can't we be like that?
    GMS serves all of America (north and south), Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, and even Africa. It is not realistic to expect Nexon to be able to validate state ID's from all those places. I'm not even sure all countries in GMS' service region have a national ID system. As for phone verification, there are far too many services that generate fake phone numbers. Just google them.
  • Please get rid of Kishin already

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Now that I give this further thought, perhaps instead of a regular blue skill node, this "decent monolith" node could be made a special node; the purple ones that expire in a week. In exchange for being a special, and thus expiring, nodestone, it could be given the aforementioned max-level effect. Permanence is no great issue either, as it would only last for as long as someone is able to keep up with the shard cost of special nodes.

    I had considered that, but the problem is that bots have the advantage with this: they bot for nodestones anyway, and they don't need the nodes to boost up their actual skills (since they use damage hacks and such), so they'd have no problem keeping such a node up.
  • Forum Avatars?

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    @AKradian how many users, posts, etc are we up to now and still not a further word on custom avatars?

    We are up to 10109 posters on the forums, of which 126 made more than 100 posts each.

    Nexon's web team has not yet found the time to convince Vanilla to accept custom avatars.
    Or, for that matter, to block certain unscrupulous users from obtaining avatars that are not on our list of 52.