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  • 5th Job Skill Alternate Name Poll

    All we want is a nice simple name that closely matches KMS, closely matches how the skill works, or easy to understand. Sometimes, Nexon localization takes it a bit too far.
  • Was reset changed?

    AKradian wrote: »
    Maple Story is literally a slight pain to play when you live in a country that follows Daylight Savings. If you are occupied in the morning/afternoons, you pretty much have one less hour to do everything before you go back to your normal routine day. It is pretty much 6PM reset for me.

    No matter where you live, a Maple day is 24 hours long.

    Assuming some people will put the extra hour at night or daytime. Not everyone has that.

    Regardless, I'm more neutral to it since I do got some time afternoons and Nexon is starting to make event times 24/7 which is great, even though flag race and Kritias invasion still run in UTC time.
  • Unable to log in after maint

    This issue feels like it is error code -38 that happens every year or less that Nexon does not usually know about.

    Error code -38 is an issue with older created character inventory (equip, use, etc, set-up, link skills, V Matrix) that builds up excessively until it can't take anymore and completely shuts your character out from logging in.
    The system that is supposed to flush non- existing data after you extract nodes from the V matrix is probally not working again which is causing the excessive data buildup.
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    Drop rate of Nodestones have been increased by.......... 0.001%?
    Nexon thinks it is ok to screw the entire playbase because ^ percent of the people keep funding them so that they can support more games and introduce more pay to win items.
    Every improvement to this game always takes a giant leap backwards because of these erratic changes like nerfing drop rate.
  • Eluna event times need addressed

    From all of the patches that happened with other version of Maplestory, I do not see game developers from other versions of Maplestory (Korean MS, Japan MS, China MS, Taiwan MS, and Southeast Asia MS) implement/change times to adapt to the new UTC timezone currently standard in GMS.

    If this event ran in 9AM to 12:00AM PDT, people from Europe would have 4PM to 7AM UTC which they still have plenty of chances to participate in these events compared to having UTC time being the standard where the majority of North America would have less chance to participate.

    Nexon seems to always patch content without any second though.