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  • Dear Arkarium......

    I genuinely hate you so much above all of the other bosses in this game. At least when the other bosses have a 1 shot kill, they don't spam it every single time I return to the damn arena in the event I lose a life. You get a sliver of a second to try to hit him before he uses that Evander Holyfield ear chomp he calls an attack. When the other bosses do have a one shot attack, at least they're nice and give me a 1% chance to avoid it; the funny thing is is that most of those one shot bosses are stronger and better than Arkarium. I still find it baffling that if you don't have a bind attack with you, you have no chance against him because there has to be a way to confiscate that stupid 1 shot coward spam or just get 1 billion range for easy Arkarium and hope for the best. Jesus christ I find it hilarious Arkarium is this infuriating, considering his primary reward the Dominator Pendant is outclassed by Gollux's crown jewels, and got its 10% HP/MP nerfed to a hysterical 10 points. Seriously, what the s*** Arkarium? Just because you got owned by a subordinate Demon Commander 400 years ago and let him wreck the Black Mage, doesn't mean you have to be a butthurt old geezer and smite every living micro-organism, that walks into the arena, into a puddle. Thank the gods Damien realized you were a total d*** and turned you into your true form: a mother-flipping sssssssnaaaake!!!

    Someday, I will kick your hiney, steal your meso and crusader coins, and dance on your grave while freeing the girl in the giant crystal you worked so desperately hard to imprison....

    Oh wait nvm you probably just one shot her too and she got wrecked. Seriously, it can destroy GODS, PEOPLE! Additionally, someone should take that one shot away from him or add a cooldown or something because I get he's a villain and villains have the archetype where they don't play by the rules and cheat in every way possible, but this is just ridiculous at this point.

    Tl:Dr, Arkarium is a massive c***.


    A Mapler that just wanted to finish the Silent Crusade Questline.

    Edit: I mean it is a rant/rave, and I'm blowing off steam.....