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April 14, 1997
  • (Scania) R > Castles & CastlesJr September 2017

    CastlesJr is still recruiting for our Scania Guild! Friendly gaming community and we recently added a full meso guide for those who are struggling with funding on discord! Actively trying to implement new ways to engage the community as well as making improvements to the guild to keep drama to a minimum. Open to new and old players alike. Join one of Scania's fastest growing guilds since the middle of November 2016!
  • (Scania) R > Castles & CastlesJr September 2017

    Last Updated: September 17, 2017

    Guild: Castles (Level 25)
    Guild Leader: HermanKDaily
    Member Count: 66
    Rankings: 102

    Guild: CastlesJr (Level 25)
    Guild Leader: HermanK
    Member Count: 133
    Rankings: ???

    Castles & CastlesJr were founded on November 16th, 2016 and December 25th, 2016 respectively. Originally intended to be a private guild back in 2015/16, it was closed down after my 9 months hiatus and remade following my return to Maplestory. Recruitment started back in December 2016 and we have been recruiting on a daily basis throughout the summer months from July to August 2017. The Castles Alliance currently focuses on all aspects of the game and are comprised of many members throughout Scania.

    As of August 10, 2017, the Castles Alliance has set a level requirement of 180+ Mains Only. Upon applying to CastlesJr, you will be interviewed by either the leader, co-leader(s) or both. Questions are kept simple and we try to get through the process as fast and efficiently as possible. We strongly encourage players to train & talk together for better interaction in-game and we also provide a training guide from levels 1 - 250.

    Members who are recruited into the Castles Alliance face a 2 week probation period in CastlesJr. New members are expected to follow the basic guild rules & regulations mentioned on our guild boards and discord server. Those that wish to join Castles rather than CastlesJr are also required to reach 50,000 Contribution with a minimum of 3 leaders to approve entry into Castles. Boss runs are not mandatory within CastlesJr. However, we strongly encourage you to join us on a weekly or daily basis to bond with the guild, receive Reward Points and obtain drops from bossing together. Due to the high volume of recruits, a monthly guild sweep is schedule at the beginning of each month.

    Unlike most guilds, the social aspect of this game plays an extremely important role in the Castles Alliance. Our goal is to build a stronger friendship with each other to hopefully talk about things outside of maple. It also allows the guild to progress and keep each others interest in the game. Both guilds are currently ran by my Co-Leaders and myself (HermanKDaily / HermanK.) We speak in Alliance Chat at all times while we are active or have any questions so that anyone and everyone within our Guild Alliance can respond. We are active 24/7 as we are a guild based in all time zones with members from Canada, United States, Europe and Australia. We also have a private discord server for any members that wish to talk to us through voice or general chat. On our discord you can find helpful information such as our private free-market, guild events, game guides and more.

    If you may be interested in joining the Castles Alliance, please contact one of the leaders via whisper or buddy listing them. Please contact a leader prior to sending in your request as it will automatically get rejected if we do not know who you are.

    Castles Management
    HermanKDaily - Leader
    Mandobuccs - Co-Leader
    AsianFTGz - Co-Leader
    Millistic - Co-Leader
    Malisall - Co-Leader
    ReversalToad - Co-Leader
    xAvalonMage - Co-Leader