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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • Compensation for Cloudie bug please

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    What exactly is happening with it? I've missed/been ignoring most of that part of the current events so I'm kind of lost actually

    You have to hold an item for 30 mins and turn it in, 4 times a day, plus get the blessing to have it count to the completion amount. Sometimes however the event won't appear again after a few completions which means you can't get the day's count and miss the medal requirements. It was fixed on today's patch but the event hasn't been extended or the requirement reduced (afaik) to compensate for the few days people might have not been able to complete it due to the bug.
  • [REBOOT] Gollux Restock

    Hastaga wrote: »
    I don't need to repeat myself, you still have a chance to obtain the boomed item. In Reboot you are doomed. I myself have not attempted to go past 12 stars on my superior. One of the main reasons why is because I have no back up plan, and safeguarding is expensive and that money can for now be used elsewhere for now.

    Just because you can in the normal server doesn't mean its viable. Like Aggraphine said the price range is way too much for a normal person, the amount of time and resources invested on a mule just to get one ring back, which can boom again, is egregious, and you lose on that mule since making them viable for boss farming without Gollux items is not efficient. The idea is good but it should be for both Reboot and non-Reboot.
  • Which class to choose? Sun Man or Dark Boys?

    Jostabeere wrote: »
    Well. Isn't it like... All classes have their 4th and 5th jobs skills being superior to anything prior to this? So every class relies on like... I dunno... 4-5 active skills?
    I'm genuinely curious if there's a class which has sick chain combos you need to press in right order or right time for a better DPS output? Like, actually skill and not spamming 1-2 skills and potions?
    I mean, I guess "skill" in bossing is knowing what they do and avoiding their skills, but like, actual skill in character skills?
    I don't class "Oh this is a warrior he needs strength" or "this skill is 4th job and does 400% dmg but this only 350% dmg so I use the stronger one" as "player skill".

    That's MapleStory. Every class except for some very specific exceptions uses 1 or 2 skills max, the difference is what resource they need and how they gather that resource. Hero and Paladin are both warriors, both use like 1 or 2 skills but they need to gather different resources to do their stuff, which is where the gameplay differences are. Player skill comes from being able to gather and use those resources in the right moment, for example Kanna burns her Mana really fast if all you do is spam skills, which she has a ton, so player skill comes in knowing which skill to use and when. Some don't use resources but need timing, or have stances. There are more to classes than just skills alone.

    Other examples of resources to manage
    Hero's combo orbs
    Paladin's Elemental Charge
    Hayato's stances
    Xenon's charges
    Avenger's Exceed
    Slayer's Fury
    Angelic Buster's Soul Battery
    Corsair's summons
    Buccaneer's Ki
    Wild Hunter's Mounted and Unmounted states

    Mihile's Ping

    Going back to your original post Dawn Warrior is of the few classes where player skill is important, and where you use more than 1 or 2 skills during bosses. Managing sun/moon states and when to use what skill thinking on your current state is far more than just mindless spam.
  • Anti bot measures

    What a surprise, doing bad in a region where MMOs aren't popular while neglecting to fix it. Who's fault it is though? Is it GMS just being negligent or is it our Korean overlords not allowing fixes to go through?
  • [REBOOT] Gollux Restock

    And not only Gollux items, most items in the coin shop are stock limited, makes it hard to get rid of Gollux Pennies.