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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    Mooosh wrote: »
    I mean look at their glassdoor review. Even the good reviews say their upper-management is bad news for developing a quality game.


    "Upper management/executives are clueless about what makes a game good and the Western market in general"

    You don't say. Wouldn't surprise me then that the dev team already has a whole stack of fixes done but its thrown aside because... who really knows honestly.
  • Regular servers are ruining Reboot

    All of these problems are related to non-KMS content. Reboot or Regular by themselves have no faults because the issues are coming from content not directly related to KMS, the base game. The real solution here is to have actual balancing going on.

    Remove Kishin spawn rate. This should also have an effect on the number of bot Kannas and the black markets (this last one at least a little).
    Revise drop rates of non-KMS areas. When they were introduced it didn't matter but now with Reboot balancing depending on Meso it does.
    Reduce the amount of coins needed to get items from Gollux. 1 month of grind per accessory is ludicrous even for Maple Story.

    I don't agree that increasing the overall spawn rate is actually healthy in the long run. Kishin and Fury Totem created a dependency on people to have an increase spawn rate to progress which isn't required and has hurt the game way too much and for way too long.
  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    "Multi-billion dollar company" is irrelevant, smaller companies can meet the needs of their customers and companies even bigger than Nexon are worse about delivering promises.
    You do hit the nail on the head though that GMS issues are neglected and not given enough priority.
    This is the main reason I don't like non-KMS content. It's buggy, overpowered, has design issues, goes untouched for years, etc.
    If Nexon put the same quality into GMS content that KMS got, I wouldn't really have any problems with it.

    One could argue that GMS doesn't really bring in the cash, thus it doesn't warrant that much attention.
    But Nexon has claimed several times that they want to corner the western market and recent overhauls to non-KMS content shows they're trying.
    Nexon seems to fail to understand the core of these non-KMS contents though as they just slaughter them.
    By the time Nexon gets to the actual game development step of the GMS content, they should already understand player issues and what they want.
    I forgive or make excuses for Nexon very often, but I still don't like the way they screw over GMS players.
    Balancing these things without pissing off the majority of your player base should be possible, Nexon.

    Because of how tight lipped they are with who develops what we don't even know if it is another team making mistakes or not, which is still weird because if you are going to have a secondary team developing and deploying content, and you have a lot of money then it would make sense your team would have better organization and a source of truth to follow so that something like the Superior Gollux Belt being stronger stat wise than the Dreamy Belt doesn't happen.

    Its a shame we lost so much non-KMS content like Blackgate, Alishan, Twisted Aqua Road and such which had a lot of potential simply because of poor design and management. KMS isn't perfect either but it works, it doesn't break a second post release. How can this keep happening years after the fact is beyond logic at this point.
  • New Gollux still sucks, but I'm done whining

    OkitsMs wrote: »
    Yeah, but you do realize you DON'T have to get Gollux gear immediately to play the game. I wonder how people functioned before Gollux.

    It's going to take some time to get full Gollux gear...what's wrong with that? It'd be wrong if the ONLY way to progress through the game is with Gollux gear. However, that's not the case. You can find alternate accessories to replace Gollux stuff or use them as a place holder until you get it.

    If you are considering Gollux accessories to be end-game gear and BiS, then personally, I think it's not a bad idea to start moving in the direction we are going now. It just boggles my mind how many complaints there are about "the good old time" of Maplestory where it takes eons to get to level 200...but as soon as anything changes so that it takes time to obtain, many people flip the switch.

    But if you're really that upset about people who had Gollux gear already before the revamp, then I honestly have no argument for that. Except that life's not fair. :shrugs:

    The problem is that it takes way too much time for one accessory, even compared to KMS content. One month per accessory with a daily boss is ridiculous. Neither CRAs nor Absolabs take that long, and with those is a once a week affair, not a once everyday for 3-7+ months if you were unlucky to not have gotten it beforehand, 7 months is not "some time".

    Want to make Gollux and endgame boss? That's fine. But make the time to get his stuff sensible, 7 months isn't. I already have a full Gollux set anyway, my problem is not getting it now, bad game design just annoys me.
  • Hayato need to be re-balanced

    Welcome to the non-KMS wagon. Hayato has long been needing a revamp but you could say "there is no immediate need for it" unlike the rest of the non-KMS crew.
    Kanna is overabused by bots so she gets changes frequently.
    Jett has never really worked so here he is waiting for her 4th revamp.
    Beast Tamer was lagging behind but her changes were stat buffs and stays mostly unavailable, so it wasn't until a year or so ago she got a buff.

    Hayato on the other hand has never been problematic. So even if he is underpowered there hasn't been that immediate need to change it, like Beast Tamer, and her changes took 6 years to be added. Only time will tell if ever there is a buff for Hayato.