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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • Marriage

    With almost every single marriage in MapleStory ending in a divorce anyway I don't know why do they keep this feature in anyway.
  • Black-Mage as Blockbuster Content!

    Aggraphine wrote: »

    The difference is: black heaven, heroes of maple, masteria through time and monad were all introduced as blockbusters and nothing more. The black mage stuff was introduced as an event, and did not function the same way as the blockbusters in having multiple separate acts to clear. No, this was progressing the story to a certain point, then having to wait until the determination bar was filled and another orb lit up which was days of waiting for each one. After the event period passed, it was reintroduced as a permanent extension of the arcane river region.

    Where is the permanent region for black heaven? For heroes of maple? What about masteria through time or monad?

    Like Petalmagic pointed out both Haven and Dark World Tree where added after their Blockbusters ended as permanent fields. Masteria Through Time and Monad could have also done so but it seems that content is working as its own self contained story, though you still get permanent content like the Julietta raid after completing the Monad Blockbuster. Also both Black Heaven and Heroes of Maple where progressing stories at one point. All of the previous content like Phantom's and Mercedes' stories, Xenon and Evolution Lab where part of the Black Heaven storyline and the Demon and Root Abyss heavily hinted Heroes of Maple. Likewise the Arcane River could have been a progressing story all the way to Esfera and then release the plot as a Blockbuster, then releasing the Labyrinth and Tenebris field after it was over. It is how this kind of KMS plot heavy content has been released until now and everything up to this point hinted that the Black Mage was going to be released as a Blockbuster. While all the plot is still there it sucks that now I and many others have to grind all the way to 250+ just to see what was released for those without those requirements anyway just because they managed to catch an event.

  • Black-Mage as Blockbuster Content!

    AKradian wrote: »
    So you want to finish the game in under a week, is what you're saying?

    Not under a week but certainly in less than 5 years.

    Let's be real, the amount of grinding needed in Arcane River is ridiculous and poorly thought out. Most people won't even play it for the plot, they just want to continue the grind and the people who do want to see the plot are the also the kind of people who probably can't spend every single day of their lives logging in to get another bunch of Arcane Symbols and maybe after a whole week just get a single level. I just want to see the story the game was building up for a decade conclude to and take the whole other grinding and dailies aspect for when I have time, not have to slave myself to grinding all those levels which is going to take more and more months on top of what I have spent on getting a single character to 200+.

    Not to mention they made the whole final battle story and all accessible for anyone 200 and up, they didn't even had to reach certain section of the Arcane River, just be 200 and up which means that yes, some people where in a way able to finish the game in under a week while that event was up. You can access Black Heaven and Heroes of Maple as soon as 120 and then do the daily grind of Haven and D.World Tree when you have the time to do it, so why not do the same here but making the requirements to have 200 or more level and having the 5th job? There really is no point here to level gate players who want to see the plot when not only it is one of the most important happenings in MapleStory's lifetime, but when the previous times when we had important plot developments they where presented via a story mode and had their high level challenging content released along it.
  • Few questions, new player.

    GanJaaaz wrote: »
    Hello, so i've been looking around a new game I can sink my teeth into, and maplestory so far is the winner, I like the unique artsyle it has, all tho I need to ask:

    1.-Well, I tried downloading it from Steam but it said my country was blocked, I reside in Venezuela, checked the FAQ on the maplestory website but it didnt say if my country was blocked, i'm just double checking.
    2.-End game is important to me (for anyone), and was wondering whats there to do in end game maplestory.
    3.-Hows the population, i'm sure its rather low being its an old game, with a newer maplestory version (all tho they dont seem anything alike)
    4.-Any suggestions from old, newer players reading this post? would be nice :)

    1. I've never used the Steam version. You could try getting the Nexon downloader

    2. Endgame is vast and layered. When you reach level 100 you have to start working on getting your character stronger so it can face the later challenges at level 200 where the real endgame begins.

    3. There are several worlds to pick but the better one so far is Scania. Bera has its particular issues. Then there is Windia, the alliance servers which are the GRAZED servers (Galicia, Renegades, Arcania, Zenith, El Lago and Dementhos), MYBCKN (Mardia, Yellonde, Bellocan, Chaos, Kradia and Nova) and Broa Khaini, all of which are the low population servers with Windia being the medium size and Broa Khaini being the smallest ones. An alliance server is simply worlds that all play together in the same server. On a low population world you don't have to compete with others for maps to train but you won't find many players willing to do party content outside of a guild.
    Reboot is its own beast where trading is disabled, enemies are stronger and you can get almost everything by playing. Both normal servers and Reboot servers are the same game but the communities within are wildly different.

    4. Choose any class you want to play. Every class has its own unique quirks and details that make them special. MapleStory kinda requires you to have multiple characters in the same world at high levels to get some of the best bonuses so there is an incentive for you to try out as many classes as you can, so don't be afraid to try something new. Leveling all the way to 200 is easy so don't worry if the class you are currently playing is not the one you want to commit to, you can easily work back to the level you were before.
    There are several bosses in the game which are the main challenge of the game, some are good, some are bad, and all of them are hard. Don't get discouraged if one boss absolutely destroys you, get stronger, get better items, and even try calling people for help, at this time people are always looking for people to play with.
    The amount of content that there is in this game is staggering, both old and new. For your first character I would highly suggest to not rush with leveling, instead take your time and enjoy everything that the game has to offer. You can solo almost all of the game, including the strongest bosses, so if you don't find people at first don't worry too much about it.
    You might, unfortunately, find bots on the field. Report them if you can, please.

    That's all I can think of, happy Mapling
  • Black-Mage as Blockbuster Content!

    ForPain wrote: »
    HuskyDM wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    The Black Mage content was available to all characters of level 200 and higher, over the winter (December-January).
    If you missed that, then yes, you're going to have to grind to 245 and above to see the story to its completion.
    I think it's only fitting that in order to defeat the ultimate boss of the game for the past ten years, you need to get nearly to max level.

    I don't think it is fair to say "you snooze you lose" to something as big as the Black Mage, and I wouldn't find it surprising if a lot of people who played MapleStory in their childhood came back to play when they heard the Black Mage is finally available only to find it behind layers upon layers of tedious grinding. Perhaps at this very moment a Blockbuster might not be the best thing to do as its still very fresh, but a year or so down the line making a Blockbuster so people are able to experience the story without having to spend months of Arcane Symbol and level grinding might be a good solution.

    I'm one of those people. Last time I played Maplestory was in 2015. I first started to play the game before even the Cygnus Knights came out. I was at the Second Maplestory Anniversary. I heard the showdown with the "Black Mage" finally arrived and just couldn't resist the urge to see it through but I just had all those quests shoved in my face the moment I invested enough time to finally reach level 200, that I've completely lost motivation and I'll be damned if I'm the only one.

    I personally missed the big showdown because I only got to 200 in August 2018 and I had a lot of recent problems during December and January that didn't allow me to play. Being told that you just missed the whole party and ALL of its content because you couldn't play during the month and that you now have to go and take the really long path just to see the story you were promised a decade ago is nothing short of a slap to the face to anyone dedicating their time and money playing. Besides Black Heaven and Heroes of Maple already allows you to experience a story in the pace that it needed and for you to defeat the big enemies in the plot with the benefit of accessing stronger versions of those bosses and equipment if you wanted later on. You can have all the satisfaction of bringing down the Black Wings and then fighting a super-boss Lotus if you want. For me all I want is to see the story, and the Arcane River already does it partly, there are story mode versions of all the bosses who are beatable without having to pay for cubes and scrolls, but you have to grind for months to see it (I don't care if it was content that was available ages ago, the sheer amount of grinding that the Arcane River requires is nothing short of poor game design). So didn't they put them all into a story mode the way they did before and that has proven to be something people enjoyed? Beats me.